Residents As Teachers - Common Teaching Mistakes - Miatake 7: Don't Find Time to Teach


Mistake 7: Don't Find Time to Teach


As house staff, you have high volume clinical caseloads. Time constraints have been identified as a primary barrier to teaching by UVA residents. However, many residents still teach effectively in this challenging context. One way they do this is by taking advantage of teaching moments "on the fly" during their contact time with medical students.

Teaching is more than formal teaching (lectures, chalk talks). It also includes learning about the process of providing care, as well as how you model being a physician to your student. This modeling includes all of the teaching that takes place at the bedside, on Rounds, in clinic, and in the resident room, as well as how you relate to your resident colleagues, attendings, clinical and administrative staff, patients, and patient family members. There are many teachable moments throughout the day ? if you begin to pay attention and utilize them, you will become a more effective teacher and it won't necessarily add much extra time to your day.


Your tasks:

Take 10 minutes, when you have no distractions, and troubleshoot ways you can incorporate teaching into your day. Generate a written list. This may involve identifying additional opportunities to teach, identifying time-saving activities, e.g. other resources, creating information tip sheets for common concepts, identifying what teaching activities you can prepare ahead of time and utilize throughout the year, etc. The videos section of the Teaching Resources page might also be useful depending upon your specialty. In addition, you might consider discussing and sharing ideas with your peers and/or more experienced residents.