Residents As Teachers - Common Teaching Mistakes - Miatake 8: Be or Act Bored with Teaching


Mistake 8: Be or Act Bored with Teaching


If you are unenthusiastic about teaching, students will know it. Boredom is contagious, as is enthusiasm. If necessary, act enthusiastic even if you don't feel it, as it may help you start to feel enthusiastic.

Another option is to identify and explore common areas of interest among you and your student(s) and highlight those aspects as part of your teaching. Your excitement and interest will naturally come through in your teaching and students will particularly enjoy learning about things in which you both hold special interest.


Your tasks:

Take a few minutes to list what you like about teaching and/or what motivates you to teach.

Get to know a little about your next student and see if it affects the teaching/learning experience for you both.