Residents As Teachers - Precepting Skills - The 5 Precepting Microskills


The 5 Precepting Microskills

The 5 Precepting Microskills provide a helpful framework for working with learners in clinical settings. This approach was initially introduced as the “Five Step Microskills Model of Clinical Teaching” (Neher, Gordon, Meyer, & Stevens, 1992) and has been found to be effective both as a general teaching approach (Aagaard, Teherani, Irby, 2004) and as a teaching approach used specifically by residents (Furney et al., 2001).

The Precepting Microskills include 5 components that each independently address important teaching components, but when applied together, provide an “integrated strategy for instruction.” They include:

Precepting Skills
  1. Get a commitment
  2. Probe for supporting evidence
  3. Teach general rules
  4. Reinforce what was done well
  5. Give guidance about errors and omissions