Residents As Teachers - Precepting Skills - Step 1: Get a Commitment


Step 1: Get a Commitment

After learners finish presenting patients, you might ask the following:

“So, what do you think is going on with this patient?”

Or, depending on where learners are in the presentation, you might ask:

“What other diagnoses are you considering?”

“What laboratory tests do you think we should get?”

Precepting Skills“How do you think we should treat this patient?”

“Do you think this patient needs to be hospitalized?”

“Based on the history you obtained, what parts of the physical should we focus on?”

These initial questions are intended to help learners commit to what they think is happening with the patient. Asking learners to commit does several things:

  • It puts learners in an active role
  • It encourages and trains learners to think for themselves
  • It helps focus teaching encounters to learners’ needs