Residents As Teachers - Precepting Skills - Step 3: Teach General Rules


Step 3: Teach General Rules

At this stage, you can now address educational needs as identified in the previous step. You can insert information based on the latest evidence or talk with/show learners what needs to be done if they are unsure and explain why. These are examples of "general rules":

"Smokers are more likely than non-smokers to be infected with gram-negative organisms. This is one situation where you may need to broaden your antibiotic coverage to be sure to cover these more resistant organisms."

"Patients with cystitis usually experience pain with urination, "Trying to determine someone's risk for             can be challenging. Precepting Skillsincreased frequency and urgency of urination, and you may see blood in their urine."

In these situations, I will often use this decision support tool....(then show the learner the tool and how it can be used)."

One of the biggest challenges to instructors is to NOT jump to this component too quickly unless warranted by patient care emergencies.