Residents As Teachers - Precepting Skills - Video Clip of the 5 Precepting Microskills


Video Clip of the 5 Precepting Microskills

The following video shows the same type of encounter that you previously viewed but the preceptor is utilizing the 5 Precepting Microskills. The learner is functioning at a higher level than a typical medical student and she offers information more easily than many students. However, it provides a great opportunity to see the microskills in use.

As you watch the clip, note the following:

  • Identify when each of the microskills are applied during the encounter
  • Do you have sense of the learner's clinical decision making ability after watching the video?
  • Who is active and who is passive in making patient care decisions in this scenario?
  • Note the level of specificity of the feedback
  • Are there any things you would have done differently as a preceptor during this encounter?
  • What are your overall impressions of the encounter?