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Electives for 4th Year Medical Students

The electives program offers the opportunity for UVA medical students to tailor their educational experience to their own interests and career aspirations. Click here to view the goals of the elective year.

Each student plans his/her electives schedule with the advice of their college dean and a personally chosen faculty advisor. The proposed program is then presented to the Electives Director for approval. If the Electives Director concurs, the student may count ward or subspecialty externships, clinical or basic science research, community medicine programs, and individually tailored experiences for elective credit. The medical school regularly offers a wide variety of electives. Possibilities for individual electives are limited only by the student's creativity.

An electives calendar and a timetable for elective selection for each class is made available at the informational meeting held during third year. At that time electives information, which contains descriptions of available electives and includes the administrative procedures for the program, is discussed.


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