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Student Report


The Comprehensive Student Report allows you to track your progress through the entire School of Medicine academic program. This report includes your general demographic data, your OSCE scores, your pre-clerkship scores, clerkship/elective scores/grades as well as all board and shelf exam scores where applicable. All data is current as of 24 hours of receipt in the Office of Medical Education and will be updated as you progress through the program. If you have any honors or research, these are also included. This will provide you with a comprehensive view of your progress. Your dean will also have access to this report for any discussions regarding your progress.

Comments and suggestions regarding the ease of use and arrangement of the data are welcome. Be sure to click on the + signs to expand the detail, and to look for additional pages by clicking through the page numbers at the top. Use the Home link to return to the main menu.

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Sandra Emery, Data Warehouse Administrator sse2y@virginia.edu
Dr. Casey B.White, Associate Dean for Medical Education Research/Instruction cw4xz@virginia.edu

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