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Medical Student Teaching Award

Students participating in any of the Basic Science or Clinical Science teaching electives are eligible for the annual Medical Student Teaching Award. Awards will be given each year to one or more students demonstrating excellence in attaining or surpassing the self-directed goals of the elective. Winners will be selected by a committee of faculty and medical students.

Applicants shall submit:

  • a written report summarizing their elective activities
  • additional supporting materials if applicable (e.g., educational resources that were designed)
  • names of faculty and/or students who have knowledge of their efforts in completing the elective (i.e., faculty supervisor, students who were taught by the candidate, etc.

All materials must be submitted electronically by 12:00 Noon on Monday, March 5th, to Dr. Bob Bloodgood: rab4m@virginia.edu

We will need to enforce this deadline so that we will have enough time for the reviewing process and still be able to present the awards on Match Day. The awards will also be announced in the graduation materials.



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