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Career Planning -- Next Step

Self Analysis

Hopefully you have been introspective and recognize some of your personality traits that could influence your career choice. Have you done what was suggested for career planning in the first two years of medical school (review this web site)? At this point you should do a thorough self-analysis using both subjective and objective knowledge (be real!). Assess your goals and values, strengths and skills, interests and preferences.

What Are Your Options?
Take a good look at different medical careers open to you. Your clerkship rotations are an ideal way to get hands on experience in many areas. Keep an open mind. Ask residents what they like about their specialty (and don't like). Can you see yourself as an attending on this service?

Gather information about Medical Specialties - check out Careers in Medicine website. Check out Freida, which can provide up-todate information about various medical specialty programs. Other web sites provide information on the job market. You can browse various Medical Associations online.

Check out the Residency web site to see what recent grads are doing. Give them a call or send them an email to get their thoughts.

Evaluate Your Alternatives
Match your aptitudes and accomplishments with a program's needs. Select an mentor/advisor to help you sort out what is important and what you should consider.


Check Out Your Choice
Plan to try out your career choices by taking an elective in that area. If you have an option during your third year for a rotation in that area, go for it. After you have completed your rotation take some time to analyze your experience. What are your thoughts...what are your feelings?


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