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Career Planning -- Getting into a Residency

When do I start?

A class meeting is scheduled for the spring to distribute Residency Match materials and to explain the process.

What needs to be done soon?

Remember the Biosketch form that you downloaded early in your first or second year? Click on Biosketch form to download the Microsoft Word file to your microcomputer. Update it.


Complete your Biosketch form. Work on your Personal Statement. 


Where do I apply?

Where would you like to live? If you have a geographic preference, check out what residency programs are in that area. In Freida you can select by state or region.

Contact UVa Alumni to get their impressions of particular programs. To see where graduates are doing their residency, consult the UVa Residency Placement web site.


How many programs do I consider?

In general, students request information from about 30 residency programs; actually apply to 20 and interview at 12 or less.


Helpful Information

The Residency web site provides more information to help you follow your career path. Obtaining a Residency, with an emphasis on Surgial Residencies can be useful to students even if they are not going into Surgery -- download the word document: MANUAL.DOC



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