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Clinicial Connections



  1. Students at away sites should be released from clinical responsibilities at approximately 5:00 pm on the day prior to the Clinical Connections.
  2. Students at away sites do not need to take call the night before and should "sign over" their patients to someone else on the team.
  3. For those Clinical Connections scheduled for Friday, students should resume their clinical responsibilities Sunday morning or Monday morning depending on the individual service (away site).
  4. Students are expected to inform their teams (attending, resident, intern) of their schedule regarding Clinical Connections.
  5. Any policies affecting the Clinical Connections program should be first cleared through Dr. Reid Adams, Director.
  6. Problems on the team should be worked out among the team members, including the attending, in a professional manner, recognizing that the Clinical Connections program is required of all third year students. The attending should contact the Clerkship Director. Any issues that cannot be resolved should be directed to Dr. Reid Adams, Director of the Clinical Connections.


See calendar for scheduled Clinical Connection days.


Students receive credit for each hour attended. Thirty-four (34) credit hours are required to pass Clinical Connections which is recorded on the transcript as a "pass." Students rotating in Family Medicine or Ambulatory Medicine receive credit hours for their workshop if it occurs on the same day as a Clinical Connection. Credit hours should be recorded on the paper form provided. To check your hours see the Clinical Connections web site.

Contact Persons

Dr. Reid Adams, Director
E-mail: rba3b@virginia.edu
Dr. Jann Balmer, coordinator
E-mail: jtb9s@virginia.edu
Pamela MacIntyre, assistant
E-mail: pam2n@virginia.edu



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