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Electives - Cardiology

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

During an elective, with the supervisor's pre-approval, time off to participate in ACLS or PALS is allowed.

ACLS and PALS cannot be taken during a required course (ACE or Geriatrics Clerkship)

Beginning with the Class of 2011: Students will need to pay for the course

Elective Number: 1643 (arranged)

Rotation Supervisor:1222 JPA (Towers Building), 5th floor, room 5603

Evaluation: Submit copy of PALS card in lieu of evaluation form

Restriction: You can only receive elective credit for one course, either ACLS or PALS

Duration: 2 days = 1 elective credit - if add form/email of acceptance is submitted to Jill Clarke prior to taking the class!!!

Available: http://www.healthsystem.virginia.edu/internet/lslc/palsp.cfm

This elective is not available to visiting students.

PALS Registration Form can be downloaded at: http://www.healthsystem.virginia.edu/internet/lslc/palsp.cfm

Time to Report: TBA

Place to Report: TBA

Attendance: A student may not take time off during this rotation. PALS cannot be taken during required courses (ACE or Geriatrics Clerkship)

Prerequisite: Participants are required to have a current CPR card before your PALS card can be released. The following course card is accepted: American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider: (HCP)

If you need to renew your BLS for Healthcare Provider card contact the Life Support Learning Center (924-1765) to receive an access key to the AHA's Online HCP Renewal Course and to schedule a skills session.

Required preparatory reading: Pre-course assignments must be completed prior to class - PALS Provider text and pretest.

Number of students per rotation: variable

Course Description: This course is intended for health care providers who are responsible for the well being of infants and children. Lecture time is minimal; technical skills and information are taught in small-group sessions. Practical application of skills and knowledge in critical situations is emphasized in case presentations and small-group teaching and evaluation stations.

Please note the cancellation policy on the registration forms and on the LSLC web site. Satisfactory completion of the course will earn 1 elective credit, if you completed an Add Form prior to beginning the course.