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Electives - Emergency Medicine

The Electrocardiogram in Clinical Practice - lottery

(Does not count towards 12-week limit of clinical EM)

Elective Number: 1306

Rotation Supervisors: Dr. William Brady

Evaluation should be given to: Attending on service

Available: SMD19 - -R8b (10/8-10/20) & R13a (3/4-3/16) SMD20 R8a (9/23-10/5) & R13a (3/2-3/14)

Duration: 2 weeks

Time to Report: TBA

Place to Report: TBA

Typical day: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Attendance: A student may not take time off during this rotation.

Suggested Preparatory Reading: ECG in Emergency Medicine and Acute Care; Chan, Theodore; Elsivere

Number of students per rotation: 25/50

Course Description: Directed reading: Students will be assigned readings from 2 ECG texts pertaining to the topic to be discussed the following day (2 hours per day). ECG preparation: Reviewing and interpreting 10 ECGs for discussion the following day (1 hour per day). ECG review: Students will review the interpretations on the ECGs prepared from the following evenings work (1.5 hours per day with faculty). Lecture: Students will receive a didactic lecture on a core content area of electrocardiography (1.5 hours per day with faculty). ECG case: Student will be presented with selected cases illustrating the use of the ECG in clinical practice (1 hour per day with faculty). Student presentations: Students will prepare and deliver a 10 minute lecture with appropriate figures addressing some aspect of electrocardiography (1.5 hours per day with faculty).

Learning Objectives:

1. Review the clinical uses of the ECG

2. Develop the differential diagnosis approach to ECG interpretation and patient care.

3. Discuss the arrhythmias seen in clinical care

4. Review the ECG findings of ACS

5. Discuss the ECG in the pediatric patient


  • Day 1: Introduction / ECG review / lecture - the ECG in Clinical Practice - ECG cases
  • Day 2: ECG review / lecture (ACS) - ECG cases
  • Day 3: ECG review / lecture (Narrow QRS Trachycardia) - ECG cases
  • Day 4: ECG review / lecture (Wide QRS Trachycardia) - ECG cases
  • Day 5 ECG review / lecture (Bradycardia & AV Block) - ECG cases
  • Day 6: ECG review / lecture (Intraventricular Block) - student presentations
  • Day 7: ECG review / lecture (Non-ACS Cardiac) - student presentations
  • Day 8: ECG review / lecture (Non-Cardiac #1 - student presentations
  • Day 9: ECG review / lecture (Non-cardiac #2) - student presentations
  • Day 10: ECG review / lecture (Pediatric ECG) - student presentations