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Electives/Selectives - Introductory Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether it is a Lottery Elective? If an Oasis number is listed, it is lottery. Arranged, Research, or Away Electives will indicate that in the parenthesis.
What should I do if I realize I’m going to miss a deadline? Contact Dr. Meg Keeley, (mmg4z@virginia.edu and explain why you’re missing the deadline and find out what your options are. We accept email or faxed approvals.
How do I know if an Elective is available? You can check in Oasis. The supervisor will determine if additional students can be added.
Who makes certain that all my forms and evaluations have been received in the Student Affairs Office? You do. Even if you are away during deadlines. It is your responsibility to have all forms printed, filled out, signed, and turned in. If you will be away during deadlines, then you are advised to plan ahead.
How can I be sure that my Elective has been approved for credit? You can check your schedule in Oasis.
Can I lose credit? Yes. If you:
- missed the announced deadline to drop an Elective
- did not submit a completed Block A, Block B or Block C form by the due date
- did not complete the scheduling procedures before you started an Elective
- did not complete a Research Form, the Specially Arranged Elective Form or the International Elective Form a month prior to beginning.
When I fill out my Block Forms, what if I am unsure about what Elective I plan to take? You must indicate Electives that you are planning to schedule. Your scheduling forms/Oasis will let us know what you actually decided to schedule. The Block Forms only indicate your plans and do not alter your schedule.
Do I need to turn in all my scheduling forms before I submit my Block forms? No, they are due by the deadline for each rotation.
How do I know if it is an LMCE site? Check out this site:http://www.med-ed.virginia.edu/handbook/electives/otherSchools.cfm
Where can I review my evaluations? Elective evaluations can be viewed in OASIS.
Where would I get a copy of my evaluations? Elective evaluations can be printed from Oasis.
How does the Office of Student Affairs communicate with me? Mostly through e-mail. You are advised to check your e-mail on a regular basis. You will be notified of important deadlines, announcements and problems in this manner.
How does my friend at another medical school do an Elective at UVA? AAMC/LCME approved US and Canadian Medical schools can use the web information (they will need to apply through VSAS). International students are currently not accepted. Applications are accepted from osteopathic students from schools that have an affiliation agreement between institutions.
If I decide to do a different Elective or change the rotation dates, do I need to complete any paperwork? Yes, any change to your schedule must follow the appropriate scheduling procedures.
What are some unacceptable excuses for missing deadlines/paperwork?
- My e-mail wasn’t working
- I didn’t know I had to submit that form
- I didn’t know there was a deadline
- I was out of town
- I didn’t have a form
- I thought my advisor did it
- It was on my Block Form
- I couldn’t get in touch with my advisor
- I couldn’t get in touch with the supervisor
- The supervisor said it was ok and I didn’t need to do any paperwork (without paperwork, you can not receive credit and you are not covered by malpractice insurance!)
If I can’t receive credit why do I have to do paperwork? Without paperwork, you are not covered by UVA’s liability insurance policy– how much liability insurance do you carry?
Who should I contact if I have other questions? Email Jill Clarke (jillc@virginia.edu), stop by Student Affairs or call 924-5579 for answers.