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Electives - Introductory Information

Goals and Objectives

The general goals and objectives of the Electives Program can be defined broadly as follows: 

  1. To allow students the opportunity to fashion intellectually stimulating educational programs.
  2. To broaden students' educational horizons beyond narrow specialty areas and to permit students to gain valuable experiences in areas peripheral to their main areas of interest.
  3. To assist students who are uncertain about career specialty decisions by offering a broad selection of opportunities.
  4. To provide opportunities to explore one or more specialty areas in depth.
  5. To allow students who feel deficient in their training opportunities to gain additional experience in these areas.

All medical students, who have successfully completed their core clerkship clinical rotations, are eligible to participate in the Electives Program. Students who have been excused from a subject exam but who have successfully completed the clinical aspect of the core clerkship are eligible to participate in Electives, both here and away. Students who have missed clinical time are not eligible to participate in electives for that discipline until clinical make-up is complete.