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Electives - Introductory Information

Due by August 1, 2016:

_____ NetLearning - All assigned modules (you will recieve an email from student affairs when the modules are ready in NL for completion)

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has stated that it is the legal duty of health care providers to provide annual retraining in the practice of universal precautions to students who have potential exposure to blood and body fluids. Adherence to the practice of universal precautions is mandatory both by Hospital Policy as well as State and Federal OSHA Regulations.

_____ PPD must be placed and read, 3 days later, by Student Health prior to August 1 and again prior to graduation (can be scheduled during Match week). You need to schedule an appointment at Student Health to have a PPD placed and read or make arrangements for your supervisor at an away rotation to read and fax in the results. Unless Student Health has documented a positive PPD with normal chest x-ray or whether you have taken Isoniazid (INH). Student Health will block your registration if this requirement is not completed.