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Electives - Internal Medicine - General Medicine

General Internal Medicine - Acute Care Center - Western State Hospital

Elective Number: 1511 (arranged)

Rotation Supervisor: Dr. Lynn Gardella (Dr. Gardella)

Duration: 4 weeks (flexible)

Report to: Dr. Lynn Gardella

Time to Report: 8:30 am

Place to Report: Director of Primary Care Services Office, Medical Center Lobby

A pager is required and will be supplied by the department

Attendance: A student may not take time off during this rotation.

Number of students per rotation: 1

Course Description: The student will serve as an acting intern under the direct supervision of a licensed physician. The Acute Care Unit is a 4-bed medical unit which provides services to a 250 bed psychiatric hospital. In addition to common medical problems such as pneumonia, COPD, dehydration and post-operative care, there is exposure to the medical aspects of psychiatry such as psychogenic polydipsia, Lithium intoxication and side effects of major antipsychotics. The Medical Clinic operates in a manner similar to an outpatient setting, allowing for follow-up of chronic medical diseases (HTN, DM and Asthma) or for evaluation of new problems (colds, rashes and muscular aches).

The student will be expected to admit, evaluate, and write orders for their patients admitted to Acute Care and provide care for patients scheduled in the Medical Clinic under the physician's supervision. The student will also read the EKG's and CXR's, do medical consultations and would be expected to attend various didactic sessions. There is no night call, weekend call or weekend rounds. Students are required to sign WSH's HIPPA confidentiality agreement.