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Electives - Medical Education

    Pre-Clerkship Teaching Electives:

    **Students scheduling these two electives should participate in a three-evening series of teaching skills workshops to be scheduled in mid-April, 2018*

    This series of teaching-related workshops will immerse students in a supportive learning community where you will explore a number of classroom and clinical teaching mechanisms, practice giving and receiving meaningful and constructive peer feedback, and be personally mentored by enthusiastic faculty while designing and participating in micro-teaching activities.

    Specifically, at the end of these workshops, students will be able to:

    • Explain the fundamentals of teaching and learning in medical settings.
    • Create and implement an instructional session, considering the alignment between learning objectives, assessment, and instructional strategies.
    • Implement the principles and best practices of clinical skills-based education.
    • Provide constructive feedback to students and colleagues that promotes a scholarly dialogue.
    • Formulate a self-development plan for both classroom and clinical teaching.

    0 Medical Education Curriculum/Instructional Design Teaching Elective (arranged) 3414 - At least two weeks in advance must submit proposal

    0 Human Gross Anatomy - Teaching Elective (arranged) 3403


    Basic Science Teaching and Curriculum Development:

    0 Mulholland Curriculum Review and Report (arranged) 3401

    0 Clinical Medical Science Teaching Elective (arranged) 3405 - Must be scheduled at least a month in advance



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