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Clinical Medical Science Teaching Elective

Elective Number: 3405 (specially arranged) - Must be scheduled at least a month in advance

Rotation Supervisor: Clinical Faculty Members

Prerequisite: At least a month in advance, submit a preliminary plan to Jill Clarke for Dr. Keeley to review/approve. No elective credit can be awarded until the plan is approved. The plan should include:

  • the name of primary faculty mentor
  • the course within which the teaching is to occur
  • the planned activities (e.g., new teaching, literature review, materials construction)
  • estimated allotment of time for each activity
  • final product, if any (e.g., new CPD cases, course syllabus, web materials)

The primary faculty mentor must sign the plan, before being submitted to Dr. Keeley. The faculty mentor is responsible for evaluation of the student's work.

Duration: Maximum 8 weeks, Minimum 2 weeks

Available: all Rotations

This elective is not available to visiting students

Time to Report: TBA with mentor

Place to Report: TBA with mentor

Attendance: Attendance at elective activities is mandatory.

  • Anyone who is ill or has a personal or family emergency must contact Student Affairs and the Attending on Service.
  • Students are allowed to take off up to 1 day per week to interview between November 1 and February 1.
    • Specific days missed must be approved by the Attending on Service.

Number of Students Per Rotation: no limit 

Course Description: This elective is to provide opportunities for fourth year students to teach clinical medicine concepts to first, second and third year students. With a clinical faculty mentor, whether it be the first year Physical Diagnosis course, second year CPD course, or with the third year clerkships, interested students would seek to enrich the education of other students within these courses. Teaching and preparation for teaching will be a full-time activity during the elective period. Teaching activities will vary with the structure of the course, but may include: assisting a small groups and providing tutoring in CPD, assisting in small groups during the first year Physical Diagnosis course, working with different clinical services (inpatient or outpatient) to provide papers and lectures relevant to patients currently being followed, or participating in the already established lecture series for each clerkship. Student may engage in the development of teaching tools, such as websites or study guides. The elective will give students the opportunity to broaden their clinical knowledge and build their teaching skills, which should be valuable in preparing students for their future roles as house officers and attendings.

Students who participate in this elective are eligible for the Medical Science Teaching Award



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