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Electives - Medical Education

Mulholland Curriculum Review and Report

Elective Number: 3401 (arranged)

Rotation Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Bradley

Duration: 4 weeks for supervising editor, 2 weeks for individual editors

Available: Rotations 1-9

Time to Report: TBA

Place to Report: TBA

Attendance: Attendance at elective activities is mandatory.

  • Anyone who is ill or has a personal or family emergency must contact Student Affairs and the Attending on Service.
  • Students are allowed to take off up to 1 day per week to interview between November 1 and February 1.
    • Specific days missed must be approved by the Attending on Service.

Number of Students Per Rotation: 12

Course Description: Students will function as editors of the annual Mulholland Clerkship Report; working with Dr. Elizabeth Bradley to collect and process the student evaluations of all Medical School Clerkships into a concise and useful document for the students and faculty of the University of Virginia School of Medicine. They will work closely with Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and representatives of the respective academic departments in this endeavor.

Learning Objectives: The student will learn to:

  1. analyze and evaluate data for publication
  2. work with and report on sensitive issues and documents
  3. prepare reports for publication
  4. manage time to meet publishing deadlines


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