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Electives - Neurology


Neurological Research

Elective Number: 1707 (research)

Rotation Supervisors: Guillermo Solorzano

Coordinator: Karen Smith, 2nd floor McKim Hall, room 2001

Prerequisite: At least a month in advance, submit a Research Proposal (see how to schedule research electives)

Duration: Maximum: 12 weeks; Minimum: 4 weeks

Available: all Rotations

Report to: TBA

Time to Report: TBA

Place to Report: TBA

Attendance: Attendance at elective activities is mandatory.

  • Anyone who is ill or has a personal or family emergency must contact Student Affairs and the Attending on Service.
  • Students are allowed to take off up to 1 day per week to interview between November 1 and February 1.
    • Specific days missed must be approved by the Attending on Service.

Number of students per rotation: variable 

Course Description: Students may spend one or more elective periods in clinical or basic research under supervision by a member of the Neurological Faculty. The overall objective is for the student to develop familiarity with the research process in clinical neuroscience. Specific objectives should be determined jointly between the student and mentor prior to beginning the elective. Research opportunities are available in a number of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Clinical Research in Epilepsy (N. Fountain, M.D.)
  • Cerebrovascular disease (E. Clarke Haley, Jr., M.D.)
  • Neuromuscular disease and neuromuscular physiology (L. H. Phillips, II, M.D.)
  • Electroencephalography, evoked potentials & clinical neurophysiology (Mark Quigg, M.D.)
  • Experimental electrophysiology of epilepsy & antiepileptic drugs (E. Bertram, M.D.)
  • Developmental Neurology (Robert Rust, M.D.)
  • Neuropharmacology; basal ganglia and movement disorders; drug addiction and withdrawal syndromes (G. Frederick Wooten, Jr., M.D.)

Additional research experiences may be designed by individual arrangement. Further information concerning research electives may be obtained from the individual faculty members listed above or from the externship Supervisor.