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Pediatric Cardiology

Elective Number: (Oasis E62a) 2402

Rotation Supervisor: Dr. Dan Schneider

Designated Signer: Phyllis Groah; Children's Hospital Heart Center; 434-924-9122

Duration: Maximum 4 weeks, Minimum 2 weeks

Available: all Rotations

Report to: Dr. Schneider

Time to Report: 7:30 am

Place to Report: PICU/Cardiology Rounds, 7th floor PICU

Typical day: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

Attendance: Attendance at elective activities is mandatory.

  • Anyone who is ill or has a personal or family emergency must contact Student Affairs and the Attending on Service.
  • Students are allowed to take off up to 1 day per week to interview between November 1 and February 1.
    • Specific days missed must be approved by the Attending on Service.

Number of students per rotation: 1 (by lottery) 2 (arranged)

Course Description: Students participate in evaluation and care of infants, children, and adolescents with congenital and acquired heart disease. This includes evaluation of patients in the outpatient clinics, and on the pediatric wards. The students participate in daily attending rounds and perform the initial evaluation of outpatients and inpatient consultations. Students may observe cardiac catheterization, cardiac surgery, and perioperative care. The goals of the elective are for the student to learn the important aspects of the history and physical examination in young patients with known or suspected cardiovascular disorders, to have a basic understanding of the pediatric electrocardiogram, and to gain an appreciation of the natural history and current management of congenital heart disease.