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Visiting Student Information

The University of Virginia uses VSLO, Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (formerly called VSAS) for ALL visiting student applicants. Please keep checking this site to see when applications will be accepted (through VSAS) for the 2018-2019 academic year!

For more information on VSLO, please visit VSLO or contact VSLO at vslo@aamc.org or (202) 478-9878.

**We do not accept Osteopathic or International Visiting Medical Students. **

The Clinical Medicine Committee has established a policy and procedure for fourth year students from Liaison Committee of Medical Education (LCME) accredited US and Canadian medical schools who are interested in taking an elective at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. As a matter of policy, we offer an elective to a visiting student only after our own students have been assigned. All required immunizations must be complete (and included in your VSLO Application) before your application can be processed. ALL visiting student applications MUST be processed through the Office for Student Affairs. Arrangements may never be made solely with the elective supervisor.

MALPRACTICE INSURANCE: The malpractice insurance of the University of Virginia School of Medicine does not cover visiting students. Visiting students MUST apply through VSAS which requires an official signature "verification" to malpractice coverage by the student's home school, or a certificate of insurance.

MEDICAL EXPENSES: Medical care expenses incurred by the visiting student while at this institution, will be the student's responsibility. Students who have blood or body fluid exposures should receive evaluation and care in the Emergency Department with long term follow-up at their home institution. The student is responsible for all expenses incurred in the Emergency Department.

HIPAA, OSHA & HOSPITAL REQUIREMENTS: All students must follow the directions in their acceptance email to complete all assigned modules in NetLearning requirements before beginning a rotation. When Student Affairs notifies you and your acceptance is finalized, we will register you for the required NetLearning modules.

TUITION: Visiting students are allowed to participate in up to 8 weeks of electives. There is no tuition charge.

EVALUATION FORMS: Should be provided to the supervisor by the visiting student.

HOUSING: Visiting students must make their own arrangements for room and board. When your acceptance is finalized, Student Affairs will send you a list of short-term housing that you can use to find yourself accomodations while here at UVA for your visiting student elective.

Off-Grounds Housing Link: http://offgroundshousing.student.virginia.edu/

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