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Mulholland Lounge -- Guidelines


  1. The lounge is for the use of medical students and their accompanied guests only
  2. An ID swipe lock allows easy access to medical students
  3. Don't block the door open except during your activity
  4. Put your trash (empty plates & cups included) in the trash can
  5. If the trash can is full, call maintenance (982-1555) and/or contact the lounge manager to schedule a clean up
  6. If you move the furniture - put it back
  7. If you remove the pillows from the sofas - put them back
  8. If you bring blankets & pillows in - take them out
  9. Parties or other group meetings must be scheduled with the Lounge Managers
  10. ANY alcohol use must be pre-approved by the Office for Student Affairs (see form)
  11. Evening parties must be pre-approved by the Office for Student Affairs so that University Security can be notified (see form)
  12. Do not store anything in the lounge without prior approval by the managers - (must indicate beginning and ending date for storage) and items should be in boxes that look orderly.
  13. No flammable materials can be stored near the refrigerator
  14. Cut the lights (and TV) off when you leave
  15. If catering needs to deliver meals and return to pick up dishes, schedule them to come while you're there to let them in
  16. If you post notices of your activity - take them down when it is over!


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