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To: All Medical Students

On rare occasions, daytime classes are cancelled because of snow or ice. A University decision is typically made by 5:30 am and announced through the local media including the radio. You can also call the University Hotlines: 924-SNOW or 243-SNOW. Cancellation of classes by the University applies only to first and second year medical school courses.

Since the clinical functions of the Medical Center continue despite inclement weather, clinical clerkships and electives are not cancelled! Students participating in these activities are expected to be present if they can reach the hospital safely**.


**Students who are unable to attend scheduled clerkship activities, either clinical or educational, due to unsafe driving conditions will be excused. Students need to notify their clerkship preceptor, who has the authority to cancel or delay educational or clinical activities. Students will not be penalized for adhering to the inclement weather policy.