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USMLE Step 2

To: Third Year Medical Students - Class of 2018

USMLE Step 2 CS & CK applications for 2017 are now available! Fill out your application at the NBME web site.

Students are eligible to sit for exam only AFTER completing core clerkships

Important: USMLE Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS must both be taken by November 1, 2017 in order to be a candidate for May 2017 graduation.


You are eligibile to take your exams any time after passing all your core clerkships and achieving the minimum recommended score on each NBME subject exam. You can schedule an exam in March after DxRx is completed. CS test sites fill up fast so secure your date!

Students pursuing a dual degree need to complete both Step 2 CK and CS before beginning their second degree (e.g., MPH, MBA, JD).

NOTE: The NBME will not charge a "re-schedule fee" if within 30 days of your original date in case a conflict does arise later on.



A Step 2 CS Information Page is available at the USMLE website at:

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