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UVA Medical Alumni Association & Medical School Foundation (MAA)

The University of Virginia Medical Alumni Association, and Medical School Foundation serves students, alumni, current/former housestaff and faculty of the UVA School of Medicine.

With its small, full-time staff of nine employees, the UVA Medical Alumni Association sponsors more than 30 annual events and programs for student, including:

The White Coat Ceremony
Family Day
MedConnect (networking events with alumni and local physicians)
Money Talks (a financial planning series)
The Host program (for forth year student traveling for residency interviews)
A variety of social events and more.

The UVA Medical School Foundation also provides more than $1 millian each year in scholarships and financial assistance to medical students.

Learn more and find out about upcoming events online at UVA/MedAlum.org or Facebook.com/uvamedalum

MAA Ambassador Club
MAA Ambassadors have the unique opportunity to shape the way the MAA serves the student body and the alumni population. They can improve the experience of students and alumni by establishing new initiatives and events, as well as changing existing ones for the better. They are invited to participate in alumni events and will have access to the MAA's leadership boards and alumni for networking opportunities. Students are eligible to become MAA Ambassadors at any point during the course of their medical education. Ambassador responsibilities include attending meetings twice a year, performing various remote tasks and assisting at certain MAA events (if available).

Aid to Medical Students

The Aid to Medical Students Committee is an avenue through which impaired medical student at UVA SOM can receive the confidential help they require without involving the administration or placing their medical education/degree in jeopardy. The specific goals for the ATMS Committee include: enhancing awareness of the irreversible personal and professional harm that untreated substance abuse or mental illness can lead to, promoting effective prevention of medical student inpairement by organizing educational materials and programs, and providing compassionate assistance to impaired student early to avoid the need for more drastic disciplinary action later. The ATMS Committee organizes the introductiory barbecue for new students at the beginnig of orientation, and members are present in each class of the medical school to provide assistance as needed to classmates.

American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) - Not Active

The mission of the AAPI, started in 2001, is to serve as a forum to facilitate and enable Indian American physicians to excel in patient care, teaching and research, and to pursue their aspirations in professional and community affairs. Goals of this organization include fostering the identity of the AAPI within the medical community and the integration of the American and Indian cultures.This is a local chapter of the AAPI national organization.  

Advocacy Committee

The Student Advocacy Committee is responsible for hearing, evaluating and acting on reports of abuse of medical students, including sexism, racism, sexual and racial harrassment, racial discrimination, and verbal abuse. The committee also functions in a pro-active capacity by performing student surveys and holding educational workships for students, residents, and faculty. Members of the Advocacy Committee include faculty and students who are appointed by the Dean of the Medical School. There are two student representatives from each class who are elected during their first year of medical school to a four year position on the committee.

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society (AOA)

AOA is the national medical honor society, founded in 1902. At UVA, members are elected by their classmates after the second and third years, based on scholarly achievement, leadership, professionalism, and service to the school and community. The UVA chapter organizes lectures and discussions open to the entire medical school, hosts a visiting professor, and organizes service projects and social events.

American Medical Association -- Medical School Section (AMA-MSS)

The AMA is the primary professional organization for physicians and medical students. At the national level, the AMA sets policy for professional conduct and also advocates for physicians' and patients' interests. Here at UVA, our chapter lobbies our legislators in Washington and Richmond, and we attend the national and state AMA meetings. The aim of our chapter is to enrich UVA SOM students with the knowledge of healthcare policy so that they may make informed decisions in the future. We also try to relay the importance of community service to medical students so that this great habit continues once we are practicing physicians. This year we hope to gain many more members in our organization and have a few speakers who are local physicians and also AMA members. Also, we are hoping to get interested students to participate in the annual White Coats on Call at the Capitol in Richmond for those that are interested in lobbying for specific policies. These are just a few of our events and we hope to outline more as the year progresses!

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

AMSA is the nation’s oldest and largest independent medical student association. Nationally, AMSA advocates for the interests of patients, medical students, and residents through national campaigns, lobbying efforts, and small project grants to the school branches. Locally, the UVA Chapter of AMSA organizes events throughout the year, including lectures on the health care system, an annual event for world AIDS education, book drives to gift medically relevant books to African libraries, and international research exchanges sending UVA medical students abroad and bringing students from around the world to UVA. Being part of AMSA is an excellent way to get involved in national health advocacy issues or to develop projects within our community. AMSA also sponsors workshops to train student advocates in any of 10 core areas, holds conferences for fun and networking between medical students from across America and the territories, and offers numerous opportunities to get involved in the leadership of a national organization.

American Physician Scientists Association (APSA)

APSA is a national student organization dedicated to addressing the needs of future physician-scientists with a focus on training and career development. APSA resolves to support medical students and dual degree students by increasing awareness of existing sources of funding and research forums, and by providing career guidance, mentorship, and career development workshop opportunities.

Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG)

The Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG) serves to introduce UVA medical students to the specialty of Anesthesiology. The goal of the organization is to encourage student-faculty interaction and to educate students about the varying fields and practices that exist within anesthesiology and the caseloads, lifestyles and the working hours of anesthesiologists. The club will also address the role of physiology and pharmacology, the nature of patient-physician relationships and the opportunity to further specialize within the field. Resident physicians and the residency program coordinator will speak about various anesthesiology residency programs, tips on applying to programs, how to get your foot in the door, etiquette while interviewing, and board scores. Regular group activities will include hosting lectures and presentations by UVA staff, providing students with shadowing opportunities, organizing simulations and hands-on learning experiences and exploring research prospects for students. In addition, each year there is an airway workshop in which students can learn about and practice intubation and airway management.


The Arrhythmics are the co-ed a cappella group at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. From oldies to new hits, we sing a huge variety of songs for our performances. All singers are welcome and no previous experience is necessary to audition!

Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association - Not Active

APAMSA is devoted to meeting the unique educational and social needs and interests of Asian-American medical students. This includes efforts to foster Asian student/faculty interaction, health outreach to Asian communities in the area and communication among Asian medical students at the University of Virginia. The organization offers a forum and a vehicle through which students can voice their concerns about issues pertinent to the Asian medical community. APAMSA sponsors speakers, workshops on topics of interest, social activities and cooperates with other Asian-American student associations on joint projects.

Association of Military Surgeons of the U.S. (AMSUS)

The Association of Military Surgeons of the US is the society of military and federal health agencies. This chapter will serve as the main forum for camaraderie between military medical students at UVA. Throughout the year we will host several events to help military students through the particulars of military medical education and will hold talks for the entire school on topics related to military medicine. All medical students are welcome to join. Military members will receive a free membership to AMSUS with their membership.

Basketball Club

We are one of the most active clubs in the School of Medicine! We usually meet once or twice a week to play pick-up basketball and hang out. Basketball is a great way to unwind after a hard day's work/study! We appreciate and welcome all skill levels of play. We also have a yearly charity tournament amongst grad schools to raise money for a good cause!

Benjamin Rush Institue - UVA Chapter 

The BRI is a national organization of medical students, residents, faculty and healthcare professionals who advocate for free market ideas and solutions in healthcare. There are student-run chapters at 23 medical schools around the country. The Institute's mission centers on providing medical studnts with an understanding of free enterprise, and the government's proper role in healthcare being the protection of medcial freedom, rathern than its limitation. At UVA, the Chapter's activities include lectures on current healthcare topics, created by and for medical students, as well as the recruitment of BRI leaders to give talks on pertinent healthcare issues. With the complexity of the challenges facing the future of medicine, we feel that it is critically important for UVA medical students to understand the evidence for freedom in medical practice.

Bioethics and Health Policy Interest Group

The Bioethics Interest Group provides a forum for medical students to meet and discuss ethical issues encountered in medicine. The meetings are informal and involve the discussion of relevant topics/cases, and often evolve according to the interests of the group. Faculty mentors attend the sessions and help to guide the discussion and provide insight when appropriate. Additionally, we will occasionally host lecturers from the Law School and Batten School to add other prospectives.

Cabell Society

The Cabell Society is the UVA School of Medicine’s surgical interest group. The society exists to introduce and expose medical students to the various surgical fields through our shadowing program, lunch meetings, and skills clinics. Our mission is to foster interest in surgical careers as well as demonstrate to students the potential impact they can have on their future patients through surgery.

CALM - Compassionate Awareness and Living Mindfully

Interdisciplinary club for health sciences students of the nursing and medical schools of UVA. The focus of the club is on promoting mindfulness, resilience and compassion within the context of the health care setting and personal well being. 

Charlottesville Free Clinic

The Free Clinic opened in 1992 in order to provide free health care to that segment of society that was working but was still unable to purchase health insurance. The clinic is open three evenings a week and is staffed by volunteers from all medical fields. Medical students can sign-up in their first and second years to act as initial health screeners. Third and fourth year medical students may choose to see patients in collaboration with physicians.

Christian Medical Association

The Christian Medical Association at UVA exists to provide fellowship, support spiritual growth, and build authentic relationships both within the Christian community and the larger UVA medical community. Our desire is to serve and encourage both students and faculty, and promote discussion on the intersection of faith and medicine. CMA is largely student led and provides regular weekly meetings, Bible studies, and fellowship times. Other activities include an annual retreat and semi-monthly dinners with local physicians and residents.

Club MED

Club Med works to foster an interest in the broad field of internal medicine and to provide opportunities for medical students to meet and develop relationships with housestaff and attendings in the Department of Medicine. The group was founded in 1993 and is sponsored by the UVA Department of Medicine. Students work to provide speakers on a variety of topics, to introduce medical students at all levels to the field of Internal Medicine and to host social, academic, and volunteering events to promote interactions between faculty and students. Some recent events that have garnered widespread interest include a community Kidney Screening event, fireside chats about how to succeed on the internal medicine clerkship, as well as the annual ACP conference in Virginia.

Comida y Conversacion

Comida y Conversación is an informal group that meetsonce a week to eat lunch and chat in Spanish. All levels are welcome - whether you just studied in middle school or you've been fluent since birth! Additionally, the club is expanding this year to offer Medical Spanish lessons for advanced speakers and community volunteering opportunities for those interested in practicing Spanish around Charlottesville. Please sign up today if you are interested in any (or all!) of these ways to improve your Spanish while at UVA.

Community Service

Community Service doesn’t end with an acceptance to medical school! It is only the beginning. The Charlottesville community is full of exciting and rewarding opportunities for volunteers. The medical school itself is intimately involved with Camp Holiday Trails, a camp for children with long-term medical illnesses. Every year, medical students organize a day of hard work at the campsite in August and a 5K benefiting Camp Holiday Trails in the spring. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the race. In addition, the first year class will spearhead a Haunted House at Kluge Children’s Rehabilitation Center. This annual event is always tons of fun and a great excuse to dress up for Halloween! Furthermore, the medical school supports service projects throughout the community including Cooking for a Cause, health screenings with the Charlottesville Free Clinic, and many more. Escape the stress of medical school and make a difference through service! Stay tuned for announcements from the community service chairs throughout the year for opportunities to help out!

Complementary/Alternative Medicine Interest Group - not active

The CAM Interest Group seeks to expose students to forms of healing not traditionally taught in medical school through lunch talks from local providers. These include nutrition therapy, acupuncture, herbs, chiropractic care, yoga, pilates, massage therapy, midwifery, homeopathy and many more. Our activities include lunchtime presentations from local providers and possible shadowing opportunities

Cooking for a Cause

An opportunity for medical students to cook meals for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House, a place where the families of patients in the hospital can stay when they can't afford a hotel. Typically three or four students get together to cook dinner and are welcome to stay to eat with the families if they wish. Cookingis done on site. The club leader will send out dates to cook (usually Sundays) via email, and students can sign up for whenever they choose.

Dermatology Interest Group

The Dermatology Interest Group was created to introduce medical students at the University of Virginia to the field of dermatology. The club facilitates interaction with residents and faculty members from the Department of Dermatology at meetings and through shadowing opportunities. Additionally, the group is active in the promotion of sun safety through participation in UVA's Skin Cancer screening as well as educational programs at the Boys and Girls Club, Camp Holiday Trails, and the UVA Student Health Fair. The goal of the group is not only to expose students to dermatology but also to develop community awareness of skin cancer prevention.

The Edgerton Society of Plastic Surgery

The Edgerton Society introduces medical students to the field of Plastic Surgery and its various subspecialties. Two meetings per year, one in the fall and one in the spring, feature speakers who educate students on a broad array of topics ranging from the residency admissions process to international and academic medicine. The Society also offers many opportunities to shadow resident and attending physicians.

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) at the University of Virginia was organized to introduce UVA medical studnets to the field of Emergency Medicine. We have several meetins, lectures, and panels throughout the academic year. Our goal is to help students prepare for a future career in Emergency Medicine. We have clinical skills workshops led by EM resident and attendings, these events are open to all student to learn and perfect their clinical skills. EMIG website: http://cew2x3.wix.com/uva-emig#!about/c10fk.

Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

FMIG is an organization for students interested in learning more about Family Medicine or Primary Care. we work in conjunction with the Family Medicine Department to host several activities throughout the year. At the Clinical Skills Workshops, residents provide students with the opportunity to learn about and practice venipuncture, suturing, splinting and other clinical procedures. Our Family Medicine lunch lectures will include informational presentations about various Primary care topics, followed by a chance for students to ask questions.

If you are interested in Family Medicine or Primary Care, if you are completely undecided about what you want to go into, or if you think any of these activities sound fun, we would love to see you at our events!

Geriatrics Interest Group - Not Active

The Geriatrics Interest Group hopes to get students involved with older patients to expose them to the diverse world of geriatric medical problems. Students will interact with experienced geriatricians and patients during teaching rounds and at local senior care facilities. Remember - everyone gets old one day, make your parents happy by learning a little about geriatric medicine!

Global Surgery Interest Group

Our mission is to promote awareness of the global surgical burden of disease and involvement in improving surgical care around the world. This includes both short-term relief efforts and long-term development goals. We also hope to make this a multi-disciplinary club by recruiting students from the School of Nursing as well as Pre-Medical students from UVA. Some aims we hope to accomplish with this organization are hositng a showcase of global surgery projects that current attendings, residents and students are involved in so that other students can find out how to become further involved if interested. A long-term goal is to expand this so that students and residents can collaborate on projects. We also hope to start a journal club with global surgery as the topic of interest and possibly a mentoring program where 4th year medical students can help undergraduates/1st year medical students specifically interested in global surgery. 

HIV Outreach Program - Not Active

The HIV Outreach Program serves to introduce UVA medical students to issues and policy that affect the care and lives of HIV patients. Its primary role is in education and will work with other organizations at the school and the local community to spread information and increase knowledge about both US and world HIV concerns.

Honor System

As Support Officers to the Honor System, students have the opportunity to serve in three roles. Students provide accused students and community members wit hconfidential, emotional support and impartial information pertaining to the process of a case. Additionally, support officers investigate alleged Offenses and help accused students and community members present their views at trials and appeals. Lastly, student keep the community informed about Honor through presentations and other evetns. This is an excellent opportunity to work in one of UVA's oldest institutions and interface with other members of the University community.

International Medicine Club

The International Medicine Club, founded in the spring of 1995, brings medical students, graduate students, undergraduates, and faculty together to address the need to view medical and public health issues from a global, multicultural perspective. Goals are to highlight opportunities for students to do research or volunteer abroad as well as to help students with planning a career focused around international medicine.

Jewish Medical Students Association

JMSA hosts many different types of activities throughout the school year. We host Shabbat dinners frequently throughout the year, and provide opportunities to participate in the Jewish community in Charlottesville, and several other get-togethers. We also have several "bar nights" with other Jewish student groups, as well as mixers with both the Business and Law schools.

Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

The Latino Medical Student Association at UVA is devoted to meeting the unique interests and needs of Latin American medical students. This includes efforts to promote health outreach to Spanish-speaking patients, help students get approved with interpreting services, raise awareness about Latino health issues, and foster community among Latin American medical students and friends. LMSA collaborates with other student associations to promote the recruitment and retention of Latino medical students. Furthermore, students can voice their concerns about issues pertinent to the Latino medical community through LMSA-UVA. Affiliated Website: http://lmsa.net/

Madison House - Not Active

Each week over 3,000 University of Virginia students volunteer their time and energy to better the community and themselves. Volunteers serve as tutors, construction workers, day care supporters, patient service representatives, role models, and peer counselors.

Medical Chinese Club

Chinese is the third most spoken language in the US, meaning we will all have the privilege of serving Chinese-speaking patients. Medical Chinese Club seeks to strengthen our connection with this population by meeting weekly to buld language skills and cultural comptency. Our enjoyable learning atmosphere welcomes all levels of Mandarin experience: beginners learn to hold basic conversations, while more advanced speakers work on medical termanology, interviewing, and physical exams. Watch out for our fun outreach events as well, which may or may not include free chinese food!

Medical Device and Innovation Think Tank 

The Medical Device and Innovation Think Tank (MDITT) is a student led group that aims to empower medical students to initiate and pursue medical innovation. Through meetings, workshops and various other events, students will have opportunities to interact with esteemed faculty and outside speakers who have pursued the development of devices or innovative platforms within their respective fields. In addition, MDITT seeks to encourage student innovation by facilitating collaboration with like-minded peers and providing access to resources (3D printers, BME undergraduate student, design software, etc.), funding, and mentorship. Beyond purely student-fueled innovation, students will also have opportunityes to collaborate and partner with UVA physicians and scientists who are exploring innovative avenues of their own.

Medical Economics and Policy - Not Active

We bring in speakers to educate us on a variety of topics including: the use of medical technology in making care more efficient and effective; the basis, differences, incentives, and roles of HMOs, PPOs, etc.; how to negotiate with insurance companies; different models of physician compensation; Medicare reimbursement (and why so many doctors are upset with it); how to set up your own practice (e.g. space, infrastructure, employees, etc.); medical malpractice concerns with respect to insurance costs and legal issues

Medical Football League (MFL)

Medical Football League. Because the NFL is more than likely locked-out. Not a big time-commitment, but more fun than punting baby pandas. Games on weekends. Teams draft players. Ladies and gentlemen are welcome and encouraged to participate. Games start in the fall and playoffs should wrap up by the end of January.

Medical Students for Responsible Medicine - Not Active

We plan to discuss current and emerging topics in medical education, patient care, and ethical research which have been largely ignored in the curricula. Particularly important among these are preventive medicine, nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction. Through video presentations, workshops, seminars, and community outreach activities, medical students can broaden their training to pursue excellence, compassion, and integrity in medicine.

MERCI Project International - Not Active

MERCI Project International is affiliated with the MERCI Project at the University of Virginia's Hospital. Students and faculty meet to discuss issues of international medical care that are pertinent to today's world and evaluate possible avenues of action. Reusable medical supplies are gathered and then distributed world-wide.

Moving Africa Forward - Not Active

The primary mission of Moving Africa Forward, Inc. is to aid in access to education and enhance health care in Africa by implementing long-term sustainable programs in health promotion and disease prevention. We are currently partnered with the village of Belaye, in Casamance (Senegal), to develop a rice mill project which will fund the village's rural health center. the current partnership has been active for the past 3 years, and the project is nearing completion.

The secondary mission of Moving Africa Forward, Inc. is to be a local agent of community development, and community service. We have completed a successful 2011 Winter Holiday Food Drive to benefit the Charlottesville Catholic Church Of Incarnation's food aid ministry to the Spanish-speaking populations of Charlottesville. We plan on repeating the initiative this year, as well as on finding other partners in the Charlottesville community.

Music in Medicine

This club is intended for medical students, faculty, and hospital staff with any interest in music, either through performance, or just appreciation of music, music history, etc. Events include informal jam sessions, open mic nights, lectures, groups attending local concerts, and other performances. Through these activities, this club will allow for health system faculty, residents, and students to collaborate musically and professionally

Neurosurgery Interest Group

The Neurosurgery Interest Group aims to promote exposure to the dynamic field of neurosurgery by porviding opportunities for students to interact with members of the neurosurgical community. We will host several lectures and panels throughout the year to introduce students to the many difficult subspecialties of the field and foster conversations about topics ranging from residnecy admissions to lifestyle and research. We hope to facilitate early exposure to the culture and career of neurosurgery while providing a valuable outlet to explore shadowing and research opportunities.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Club - Not Active

Interested in Women's Health, Endocrinology, Oncology, Surgery, or Urology? If you are, then you might be interested in Ob/Gyn; the field is much broader that you might think! Take a minute to check out the Ob/Gyn Club. Our main goals are to promote various women's health issues and to encourage interest in the areas of Obstetrics and Gynecology, including such fields as Reproductive Endocrinology, Gynecologic Oncology, and Urogynecology. Some of the programs we plan to sponsor include the "Be an OB" program and a noon lecture series (with free lunch!) about topics ranging from birth control to female sexuality to Ob/Gyn residency. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email one of the club's co-leaders.

Oncology Interest Group

The treatment of cancer has quickly become a team endeavor, requiring concerted efforts from medical, radiation, and surgical oncologists. This group serves as a resource for students that are interested in oncology and will feature a variety of lunch talks, shadowing opportunities, and research opportunities.

Operation SMILE

Operation SMILE – UVA SOM Chapter endeavors to advance the core cause of Operational Smile International – to provide free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate, and other facial deformities for children around the globe – through a variety of educational activities and fundraising efforts. We believe that OSI’s mission of implementing sustainable health care through global partnerships and local infrastructural development distinguishes this organization from others. In addition to exposing UVA students to this mindset, we shall also facilitate opportunities for fourth year medical students to participate on OSI missions for elective credit.

Ophthalmology Interest Group

The Ophthalmology Interest Group, initiated in 2005, serves to introduce University of Virginia medical students to the surgical specialty of Ophthalmology and the visual sciences. The purpose of the organization is to allow students to gain exposure to various topics in the specialty and to initiate interaction between faculty and students. Faculty from several of these disciplines will give presentations about their clinical practice as well as their research interests. Our goal is to introduce students to faculty for shadowing and research opportunities. Please see our website for more information: http://www.uvaophthalmology.20m.com/index.html

Orthopedics Club

The Orthopedics Club is an interest group with the goal of offering students a chance to learn more about the field of orthopedics and its various sub-specialties through presentations and direct interaction with faculty. It is also intended for students seeking to learn more about the workings of the musculoskeletal system, often underemphasized in medical school. Meetings are held once or twice a semester with faculty who are invited to share relevant cases, research, and insight from their practices. A panel of rising interns and residents is assembled in the spring to answer questions and to help guide interested students. Our shadowing program allows students to follow an orthopedic surgeon and staff through the clinics and OR and is designed to facilitate interaction between the attending physician and student. Through these activities, the Orthopedics Club strives to demystify what is often considered one of the most competitive medical specialties.

Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery Interest Group (ENT)

Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery - employs a wide variety of both medical and surgical treatments to cover a broad range of conditions of the head and neck. From drilling through the skull base to access the pituitary gland, to removing nasal polyps, to facial plastics - both cosmetic and reconstructive, to something as common as tonsil removal, you've only begun to scratch the surface of this rapidly expanding surgical subspecialty. The purpose of the ENT interest group is not only to hold meetings exposing students to this exciting field, but also to foster shadowing, mentoring, and research opportunities between faculty and students here at UVA SOM.

Pediatrics Club

The Pediatrics Club was founded in 1994. The Club works closely with the UVa Pediatrics Department to sponsor lunch talks and other events so as to expose students to clinical issues in pediatrics and prepare them for pediatric residencies. We provide interested students with hands-on learning experiences and various community service opportunities related to pediatrics. This year, we look forward to volunteering with Camp Holiday Trails and The Boys and Girls Clubs. We also plan to host workshops where students can practice their pediatric physical exam skills. We are excited to partner with residents in administering a fitness and nutrition education program at local elementary schools. Interested students can best contact us using the email address: uvapediatricsclub@gmail.com.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Club

The field of Physical Medicine and Rehab (a.k.a. physiatry) focuses on musculoskeletal disease as well as rehabilitation from traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, burn injury and stroke. Within the field of PM&R doctors can specialize in any of these areas as well as Sports Medicine, Pediatric Rehab, and Pain Management. The Club hosts several lectures by PM&R attendings per year on various aspects of Physical Medicine, and also provides volunteer opportunities on the medical teams for local races and sporting events.

Pre-Med Mentoring

The Pre-Med Mentoring Program is an opportunity for undergraduate UVA students interested in medicine to be paired up with students at the School of Medicine to use as a resource to talk about medical school and becoming a physician. We hope to dissolve the myths associated with preparing for and applying to medical school and answer any other questions they may have along the way. More information will be sent out regarding signing up for this program soon after the academic year begins.

Prospective Student Housing

The UVA School of Medicine student hosting program is designed to give prospective students a better idea of what life at UVA is really like by giving them the opportunity to spend the night before their interview day with current medical students. The program is run entirely by the first year class on a volunteer basis. We hope that by spending additional time with current students, prospective students will be able to better decide if UVA is a good fit for them. Information will be sent out regarding signing up soon after the academic year begins.

Psychiatry Interest Group

The Psychiatry Interest Group was created to introduce medical students to the exciting field of psychiatry. Our club hosts lunch talks on a variety of topics, including a resident panel and interviews with patients during National Mental Illness Awareness Week. With psychiatry residents, we hold Psychiatry In Cinema, in which students watch and discuss popular films with psychiatric themes. We encourage interaction between students, residents, and faculty through a yearly mixer. We also host a Psychiatry Journal Club, run by fourth year students with the help of psychiatry residents. Our club welcomes all students, from those already committed to psychiatry to those who simply wish to learn more about mental illness.

Punjabi MD

Punjabi MD, is a dance group formed in 2010 that performs a traditional dance from the Northern Indian state of Punjab, called Bhangra. Punjab is known as the ‘bread basket’ of India because it has a history of being so rich in farmland. Bhangra evolved from this region based on old farming techniques. It is an exquisitely colorful dance that traditionally brings people together to celebrate the harvest season, weddings, birthdays, and a multitude of other celebrations. Our group integrates modern and customary beats together to provide all audiences with entertainment. We perform not only for medical school events, but also University-wide events as well as at local schools and charity events.

Our team is open to all VMED students, no dance experience is necessary, all you have to have is a passion to learn and have fun. We meet once a weekend for an hour, and 2-3 times a week directly prior to an upcoming performance. We perform about 3-4 times a semester. Based on who is available we rotate performers.


qMD is a club that serves as a resource for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) issues in medicine and for queer students and their allies. qMD is dedicated to raising awareness of topics concerning LGBT patients and medical professionals for the benefit of the community and medical education. qMD can be contacted at queerMD@virginia.edu.

Radiology Interest Group

The Radiology Interest Group has been formed to promote and support students that may have an interest in pursuing radiology. We usually host one or two meetings a semester concerning various topics in radiology, including interventional radiology and just introducing students to radiology in general. Myths will be debunked; expectations will be raised. Speakers, food, and radiology shadowing opportunities will be offered at each meeting. All are welcome.

Reproductive Health Interest Group 

The purpose of the Reproductive Health Interest Group is to provide a forum for medical students to discuss reproductive health, contraception, access to contraception and current policies regarding reproductive rights.

Significant Others Support Group

The Significant Others Support Group is a social organization that provides emotional and social support and promotes friendship and interaction among the significant others of students at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. In addition to our activities for the significant others, we also create opportunities for all med school couples to get together. We have a Facebook page, VMED Significant Others, where we post our upcoming events. Email: VMEDsigOts@gmail.com

Sloane Society

Founded in 1999, the Sloane Society partners with the Center for Humanities in Medicine and Historical Collections to infuse a variety of historical, anthropological, literary, and artistic perspectives into our understanding of medicine. Through a series of lectures and workshops, we explore the social dimensions of medical care in an effort to gain a multi-faceted comprehension of sickness and disease. We firmly believe that a broad appreciation for the medical humanities provides practitioners with nuanced insight into both individual doctor-patient relationships as well as the macroscopic challenges facing health care today.

Socratic Club - Not Active

Socratic club was created to provide an arena for thoughtful and courteous discussion of various world views regarding a number of subjects (i.e. religion, politics, philosophy, bioethics, etc. generally anything usually thought to be inappropriate for the dinner table). In some ways this club differs from a traditional "debate team" where the main goal is usually to win an argument or prove your point. Respectful debate and argument are welcomed, but as the name of the club suggests, the main goal of the club is to gain understanding (not necessarily to "win") through questioning and being questioned about beliefs/assumptions that seem to us to be "self-evident" or "common sense" but may in fact not be so to others. Individuals who are genuinely interested in understanding why people believe what they believe are encouraged to come out and participate.

St. Luke's Catholic Medical Society

Named after the patron saint of physicians, the St. Luke's Medical Society is a community for Catholic medical students to grow together in fellowship and in our faith. In terms of activities, we aim to (1) have a group with whom to go to Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, and other church events, (2) enjoy occasional brunches/dinners as a community, (3) participate in the annual White Coat Mass, and (4) connect with Catholic faculty physicians willing to serve as role models and guest speakers.

Spinal Chords - Not Active

Founded in 1979, this a cappella singing group is made up of first- and second-year men and brings "music and mirth" to the hospital and the community-at-large. The "Chords" practice twice weekly a repertoire that ranges from barbershop favorites to current hits and everything else that won't land them in jail! They enjoy tremendous popularity for their performances in class, on the wards, and throughout the state. In addition, the "Chords" raise funds for the Children's Medical Center which are presented each May during the CMC telethon. Membership is open to all male members of the first and second-year class. Auditions are held each fall as the older chords are "retired" to the wards. Enthusiasm more than talent is the major requirement.

Student Advocacy Committee

The Student Advocacy Committee is responsible for hearing, evaluating, and acting on reports of abuse of medical students. Reports include sexism, racism, sexual and racial harassment, racial discrimination, verbal abuse, or other types of unprofessional or offensive behavior directed at students. The Committee has two goals: To investigate complaints and negotiate solutions and to improve the professional climate for learning.

Students for Community Health

Hello! We are the Students for Community Health, a group of students with a shared interest in public outreach, geared in particular towards improving the health of the Charlottesville community. Our projects are geared towards patients of all ages, and present a unique opportunity for students to learn about basic medicine. Most recently, we have hosted a number of events geared towards both adults and children, with a focus on health education and general screening. We are also very excited about this year’s upcoming projects, which include a partnership with the Charlottesville School Board to work with students after
school, as well as with the International Rescue Committee, working with refugees. We look forward to meeting you!

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

The goal of SIGN is to encourage medical student participation in clinical, research, and service activities in neurology. This group organizes lunch talks covering residency and exciting topics in neurology in addition to providing shadowing opportunities. These experiences allow students to observe a neurological exam and assessment, which reinforces topics learned in basic science courses. We present various neurological perspectives from the fields of child neurology, stroke, memory disorders, movement disorders, and epilepsy. Benefits of SIGN membership include free student membership to the American Academy of Neurology as well as the opportunity to apply for a $3000 research scholarship.

Student Medical Education Committee (SMEC)

SMEC is the arm of the Mulholland Society that addresses all curricular issues that arise from within the School of Medicine. Student representatives serve to gather direct feedback from their peers and, when necessary, make specific recommendations to faculty, the Curriculum and Clerkship/Post-Clerkship Committees, and the deans of education. First-year students can get involved by joining the core systems liaison (CSL) groups, and two students will have the opportunity in the coming weeks to be elected the class SMEC representatives. For now, just know that contacting your SMEC representative is the easiest way for you to have any of your curricular questions or concerns addressed in a timely fashion.

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

Founded in 1964 at Meharry Medical College in Nashville TN, and Howard University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C., the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is the oldest and largest medical student organization addressing national minority/underserved health concerns. SNMA has grown to over 6000 members at academic centers and universities across the country.

Our mission is to address the needs of medically underserved communities and communities of color. Additionally, SNMA supports underrepresented minority medical students and encourages culturally sensitive medical education and services.

The SNMA enlists the ingenuity and altruism of medical students across all cultural and ethnic categories in order to enrich those communities that have historically been underserved and marginalized.

Student Physicians for Social Responsibility (SPRS) - Not Active

SPRS is a national student group organized under Physicians for Social Responsibility. Physicians for Social Responsibility has long worked to alert the public to pervasive global health threats created over the past century by human actions. The group's agenda includes addressing environmental health issues, violence prevention, and nuclear disarmanment. For more information, please visit the website: http://www.psr.org/site/PageServer?pagename=spsr_homepage.

The 1920 Society 

The 1920 Society (formerly Women in Medicine) is dedicated to examining the role of women in our ever-changing profession. The 1920 Society, whose meetings and membership are open to both sexes, will hold seminars and discussions on topics dealing with both women's health issues (fertility, sexual abuse, pregnancy) as well as the unique challenges facing women in the medical profession (child rearing, social dynamics, etc.). In past years we have sponsored a mentoring program with various women physicians in the Charlottesville area, community service opportunities and a work-life panel involving physicians in different areas of medicine.

Tennis Club - Not Active

We have a range of players from those who've never played before to some college tennis pros. We meet periodically throughout the year to hit, play, and have fun. It's a great way to get exercise, improve your game, and to get know other people.

Unite for Sight

Unite for Sight is an organization that supports eye clincs worldwide by investing human and financial resources in their social ventures to eliminate patient barriers to eye care. At the University of Virginia, the Unite for Sight Student Organization helps this mission by recuriting volunteers and raising money. This club organized interest meetings for students who would like to volunteer as global impact fellows in Honduras, Ghana or India. The club also fundraises to provide eye care for patients living in extreme poverty. 100% of all funds raised go directly to restoring sight for blind patients living in villages and refugee camps.

University of Virginia Center for Global Health

Established in 2001, the University of Virginia’s Center for Global Health works to promote health in resource-limited settings by fostering the commitment of students, faculty, and partners from many disciplines to address the diseases of poverty. CGH has 3 components:

  1. Scholarships for UVA students who develop faculty-mentored service/learning projects related to health with collaborators in resource- limited settings
  2. Fellowships for international researchers from collaborating institutions in developing regions to train and conduct research at UVA in order to return home, train others, and lead efforts to address local health priorities
  3. Curricula at UVA relating to global health to prepare and inspire students for involvement in global health.

Scholar Programs Center for Global Health – University Scholar Awards: Available to undergraduate, graduate, or professional students who engage faculty mentors in multidisciplinary approaches to global health in an international setting.

The Dean’s/Center for Global Health Award in Medicine: Available to 4th year medical students pursing international clinical/ research rotations during their final year of school.

For further information on any of these programs, please contact April Ballard (aballard@virginia.edu) or the CGH Website: http://cgh.virginia.edu

University of Virginia Chapter of Collegium Aesculapium - Not Active

The Collegium Aesculapium is an international organization of Latter-Day Saint health professionals (Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, aka Mormons). Our chapter at the University of Virginia serves as a way to get to know the other Mormon medical students at the University of Virginia, while seeking opportunities to provide service to the community. This chapter also serves as forum to discuss subjects particular to LDS physicians. The group will also meet for social activities.

Urology Interest Group - Not Active

The urology club is designed to inform medical students about the field of urology, a surgical subspecialty that deals with diseases of the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive system. Urology is subspecialized into urologic oncology, calculi, pediatrics, infertility, female urology, neurourology, and transplant. The surgical management of patients ranges from large open operations, to laparoscopic and robotic surgeries, to a variety of endoscopic procedures. Also, many patients are managed medically in the clinic. Many students do not get urologic experience on their general surgery rotation and this club can allow them the chance to see what urology has to offer earlier in medical school. We plan to host panels of faculty and residents to address topics in urology and residency application.

UVA Med Club Soccer Tean - Not Active

Our soccer team is comprised mainly of UVA medical students and residents. We play in the competitive premier division of SOCA (Soccer Organization of Charlottesville-Albemarle). The regular season is split up into two halves (fall and spring) and runs during the school year with games being played on the weekends. Tryouts for the team will be at the end of August.

UVA Medical Reserve Corp - Not Active

The University of Virginia Medical Reserve Corps Club (UVAMRC) Club is a joint student-faculty community service and outreach project, now housed in the Thomas Jefferson Health District. The UVAMRC Club works with many local, state, and national groups to supplement the local and regional medical response during a major disaster or bioterror event. The UVAMRC club also initiates and develops ongoing community health projects that serve our local area. This a great opportunity to get involved in local disaster planning and response and an opportunity to be part of the national MRC organization by joining the Thomas Jefferson Health District MRC, currently led by Rebecca Schmidt (Rebecca.Schmidt@vdh.virginia.gov).

UVA Running Club

UVA Running Club is an organization dedicated to providing a network of support and communication for runners of all levels. The group is comprised of students and faculty from the Medical School, Law School and Darden School of Business. We have a weekly email providing information about group runs at all the schools, upcoming races, and other training tips. We also operate an online calendar to facilitate more race specific training schedules. We have running groups for all distances and paces, so everyone is welcome!


Veritas, Latin for "truth," is the literary arts magazine for the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Supported by the Center for Humanities in Medicine, this publication serves as an outlet for medical students to showcase their creative and artistic talent. An art show in the fall as well as a spring magazine publication makes Veritas a great opportunity for students with an interest in writing, visual arts or editorial work.

Virginia Medical Fly Fishing Club - Not Active

The Virginia Medical Fly Fishing Club aims to serve as a resource for anyone interested in the sport of catching fish on a fly. All levels of experience and ability are welcome, from the first-timer wishing to learn how to cast to the experienced angler hoping to find fishing buddies. Several trips to local rivers will be planned for the fall and spring, and gear will be provided if needed.

VMED Wellness Initiative

The VMED Wellness Initiative (VWI) is a fully student-run organization committed to conducting evidence-based, student-organized community health screening and education events in Charlottesville. Since its inception in 2011, VWI has held free screenings at 25 locations including the Haven at First and Market, the annual African American Cultural Arts Festival, and the Charlottesville/Albemarle Cinco de Mayo celebration. These events are designed to help empower the people of Charlottesville with knowledge that will help them make informed decisions to safeguard their own health. In addition, these screenings give
UVA medical students the opportunity for clinical experience early in their medical education and promote opportunities for engagement with faculty mentors outside the classroom.

Wilderness Medical Society

The purpose of the Wilderness Medicine Society is to provide a structure and an environment to help students learn about taking care of themselves and others in a wilderness setting while also creating a way for students to explore the amazing and diverse outdoors of Virginia. Speakers and clinics are designed to introduce students to the field of wilderness medicine and expose them to the great outdoors. Trips will alternate in their purpose between those designed purely to relieve stres, build camaraderie and appreciate the great outdoors and those designed to do the same and teach specific medical tasks. There is also a Wilderness Medicine elective for 4th year students taught by Dr. Nathan Charlton and Dr. Chris Holstege.

Women in Medicine Club - now The 1920 Society


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