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Rules for Access to Student Records


The University of Virginia has adopted certain policies and procedures to protect the privacy rights of students. These rules are in compliance with the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (20 USC 1232g), and the Rules of the Department of Education (45 C.F.R. 99).


Types of Educational Records

A file for each student is maintained in the Office for Student Affairs (room 3134, MEB). This file includes records of his/her application for admission, including the AMCAS form from the Central Application Service, a transcript of college grades, and MCAT scores. The file also includes evaluation summary reports from courses, clerkships/selectives, and electives. Notes of conferences of the student with the Student Affairs Deans are kept as well as Praise/Concern Cards. Correspondence to the student or regarding the student, including the MSPE (Dean's letter for residency application), are kept in the student's file. Scores for the United States Licensing Examination are also kept there. In a separate file in the Office for Student Affairs, a record of medical school grades is maintained. Student-related information is also maintained electronically in a Student Affairs database. Schedules, grades and evaluations are kept in OASIS online. The Student Financial Aid Office maintains records related to financial aid application and processing.

Students can look at their own manual student file (they must show their Health System ID) by coming to the Office for Student Affairs during open hours (8:00 - 5:00 daily). Materials in the student file cannot be modified, removed or copied.

Faculty may review a student file if they have a legitimate education interest and are asked to sign the front page of the student file to show that they have reviewed material contained within.

In the University of Virginia Registrar's Office, student database information and an official University transcript are maintained. To check grades a student can view an unofficial transcript in SIS.



Students needing an official transcript for scholarships, special programs, insurance can request one at no charge from the University Registrar's Office.

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