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Residency Placement


48 Records

CT, Bridgeport, St Vincents Med Ctr-CT
SMD2013 William Jessup Carroll- Transitional
SMD2011 Christopher Martin Coleman- Transitional

CT, Farmington, Univ of Connecticut
SMD2014 Maria Clara Facadio Antero- Obstetrics and Gynecology

CT, Farmington, University of Connecticut
SMD2007 Rebecca Jean Blatt- Emergency Medicine
SMD2004 Timothy Hadden Ciesielski- Pediatrics
SMD2003 Andrea Gale Dixon- Pediatrics
SMD2002 Susan Park- Medicine-Pediatrics
SMD1999 Virginia Askew Simmons- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD1999 Jessica Tsao-Chin Wei- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD1997 Beth Elaine Maling- Otolaryngology

CT, Greenwich, Greenwich Hospital-CT
SMD2012 Gustavo Andres Elias- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2011 Kira Blair Mayo- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2005 Bonmyong Bora Lee- Medicine-Preliminary

CT, Middletown, Middlesex Hospital
SMD2002 Noshene Elaine Ranjbar- Family Practice

CT, New Haven, Hosp of St Raphael
SMD2011 Samuel Huisok Yun- Transitional
SMD2010 Daniel Phillip Greene- Transitional

CT, New Haven, Yale Univ
SMD2012 Sara Bouberhan- Internal Medicine
SMD2012 Gregory Russell Madden- Internal Medicine
SMD2011 Samuel Huisok Yun- Ophthalmology
SMD2009 Adetoun Abimbola Abisogun- Neurology

CT, New Haven, Yale University School of Medicine
SMD2004 Mukta Chandra Srivastava- Internal Medicine
SMD2001 Matthew Peter Coggins- Internal Medicine

CT, New Haven, Yale-New Haven Hosp
SMD2014 Mary Grace Baker- Internal Medicine
SMD2014 Samuel Kim- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2014 Chadrick Eugene Lane- Psychiatry
SMD2014 Pranay Sinha- Internal Medicine
SMD2014 Graham Mason Taylor- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD2013 Cassandra Rae Barrett- Anesthesiology
SMD2013 Bassem Wassim Ghali- Internal Medicine
SMD2011 Jerome Henry Taylor- Psychiatry
SMD2010 Daniel Phillip Greene- Ophthalmology
SMD2008 Bethann Marie Scarborough- Internal Medicine
SMD2007 Eric Randolph Scott- Pathology
SMD2006 Paul Gurudath Rao- Psychiatry
SMD2005 Matthew David Cole- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2005 Stephen Randolph Collins- General Surgery
SMD2005 Jessicah S Phillips- Internal Medicine
SMD2003 Alexandra Vladimir Yamshchikov- Internal Medicine
SMD2002 Adam David Herman- Internal Medicine
SMD1999 Jennifer M Levine- Pediatrics
SMD1999 David Karingantil Thomas- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD1998 Patricia Agbor Eben- Internal Medicine
SMD1998 Kimberly Ann Largay- Psychiatry
SMD1998 David Lee Tinklepaugh- Neurology
SMD1996 Wendy Ruth Gottlieb- General Surgery

CT, Stamford, St Joseph Medical Center
SMD1997 Marc Jared Harrigan- Family Practice

CT, Stamford, Stamford Hospital - Columbia
SMD2003 Kyle Bernard Custis- Family Practice
SMD2003 Andrew James Vorenberg- General Surgery