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Residency Placement


11 Records

DE, Newark, Christiana Care
SMD2013 Mariam Syed Ahmad- Transitional
SMD2012 Adeeb Aghdassi- Transitional
SMD2012 Thaddée Halewyn Valdelièvre- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2006 Maaya Reddy Marri- Emergency Medicine
SMD2006 Alison Corinne Welch- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2005 Jocelyn Woo Park- Transitional
SMD2004 Nylah Fatima Wasti- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2003 Rhonda Amy Gill- Emergency Medicine
SMD2003 Ketan Nalin Naran- Transitional
SMD2003 Setul Girishchandra Patel- Emergency Medicine
SMD2000 Steven Curtis Schulze- Emergency Medicine