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Residency Placement


36 Records

MI, Ann Arbor, Univ of Michigan Med Sch
SMD2014 Gaurav Reddy Katta- Anesthesiology
SMD2014 Samir Dilip Patel- Pediatrics
SMD2014 Joceline Vuong-Thu Vu- General Surgery
SMD2012 Sean Jorgensen Callahan- Internal Medicine
SMD2012 Lingye Chen- Internal Medicine
SMD2012 Ryan Anthony Mlynarek- Orthopaedics
SMD2012 Nishant Anilkumar Patel- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2012 Kyle Keith VanKoevering- Otolaryngology
SMD2009 Lisa Ann Irwin- Anesthesiology
SMD2009 Robert Wallace Krell- General Surgery
SMD2009 Pooja Mehta- Pediatrics
SMD2009 Bradley Norman Reames- General Surgery
SMD2009 Joshua Suderman- Anesthesiology
SMD2008 Micah Edward Girotti- General Surgery
SMD2008 Mary Katherine Rude- Internal Medicine
SMD2007 Alicia Jean Cool- Dermatology
SMD2007 Derek William Weichel- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2006 Anthony Thomas DeBenedet- Internal Medicine
SMD2006 Garrett Robert Griffin- Otolaryngology
SMD2006 Andrew Louis Homer- Emergency Medicine
SMD2003 Martin Konrad Gelbke- Orthopaedics
SMD2002 Ingrid Elizabeth Lobo- Internal Medicine
SMD2001 Jared Phillip Tadje- Orthopaedics
SMD2000 Diem Bich Nguyen- Dermatology
SMD2000 James Shihchun Toung- Otolaryngology
SMD1999 Amy Elizabeth Tietz Cooke- Pediatrics
SMD1998 Adwoa Amoanimaa Christy- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD1997 James Matthew Cooke- Family Practice
SMD1997 Tobin Matthew Piker- Emergency Medicine

MI, Detroit, Detroit Medical Center
SMD2002 Harjot Singh Dulai- Radiology-Diagnostic

MI, Detroit, Grace Hospital
SMD1997 Vincent Earle Rampersaud- Orthopaedics

MI, Grand Rapids, Butterworth Hospital
SMD1997 Michael Lee Genco- Emergency Medicine

MI, Grand Rapids, Spectrum Health System
SMD2000 Timothy Wade Powers- Orthopaedics
SMD2000 Mark Samuel Siegel- Orthopaedics

MI, Jackson, Univ of Mississippi SOM
SMD2007 Tyler Quentin Kirk- Ophthalmology

MI, Pontiac, St Jospeh Mercy Oakland
SMD2010 Niloo Shanya Ratnayake- General Surgery