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Residency Placement


20 Records

MN, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co Med Ctr-MN
SMD2014 Rochelle Andrea Zarzar- Emergency Medicine

MN, Minneapolis, Hennepin County Med Ctr-MN
SMD2011 Nicholas Shane Simpson- Emergency Medicine

MN, Minneapolis, Hennepin County Medical Center
SMD1998 Christopher Lee Baker- Emergency Medicine

MN, Minneapolis, Univ of Minnesota Med Sch
SMD2013 Benjamin Franklin Sandberg- Orthopaedics
SMD2011 Cyrus Jahansouz- General Surgery

MN, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Medical School
SMD2004 Colleen Elizabeth Glisson- Orthopaedics
SMD2004 Matthew Charles McClelland- Dermatology
SMD1997 Andrew John Leishman Gear- Surgery-Preliminary

MN, Rochester, Mayo Clinic
SMD2012 George Christopher Bailey- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2012 George Christopher Bailey- Urology

MN, Rochester, Mayo School of Grad Med Ed-MN
SMD2014 Neil Majithia- Internal Medicine
SMD2009 Eric Kent Cannon- Anesthesiology
SMD2009 Brian Christopher Gross- Otolaryngology
SMD2007 Esayas Beyene Kebede- Internal Medicine
SMD2007 Sarah Kathryn Williams- Physical Med & Rehab
SMD2006 Troy S Russon- Anesthesiology
SMD2003 Christian David Monson- Anesthesiology
SMD2002 Mark Steven Topolski- Orthopaedics
SMD2001 Brendan Coe Lanpher- Pediatrics
SMD1996 Sumeet Sorel Teotia- Surgery-Preliminary