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Residency Placement


78 Records

OH, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Childrens Hosp
SMD2014 Jeremy Devin Rubinstein- Pediatrics

OH, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Childrens Hosp MC
SMD2013 Drew Kenith Saylor- Pediatrics-Preliminary
SMD2010 Jessica Bobula Foster- Pediatrics
SMD2010 Lisa Eve Herrmann- Pediatrics
SMD2008 Amber Marie Ellis- Pediatrics

OH, Cincinnati, Univ Hosp Cincinnati
SMD2010 Sean Daniel Foster- Emergency Medicine
SMD2009 Caroline Hollis Cox- Emergency Medicine
SMD2008 Yuhning Hu- Internal Medicine
SMD2007 Christopher Dean Scott- General Surgery

OH, Cincinnati, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
SMD2000 Jahmal Anthony Hairston- Otolaryngology
SMD1996 Leland Mark Gustafson- Otolaryngology

OH, Cincinnati, University of Cincinnati Medical Center
SMD2002 John Nagi Kheir- Pediatrics
SMD2002 Michael Allen Wind- Orthopaedics
SMD2000 Renata Gayle Arrington- Medicine-Pediatrics
SMD2000 Maurice Magdi Henein- Family Practice
SMD1999 Matthew Minh-Tri Duc Ngo- Internal Medicine
SMD1999 Thao Anh Tran- Dermatology
SMD1996 Christine Marie Burrows- Medicine-Pediatrics
SMD1996 Lawrence Edward Stern- General Surgery

OH, Cleveland, Case Western Reserve Univ SOM
SMD2013 Lora Greene Sowunmi- Medicine-Pediatrics
SMD2013 Stephen Rodrigo Steiner- Neurology-Child
SMD2012 Galina S. Boyarinova- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD2011 Hassan Wadie Hamandi- Pediatrics
SMD2011 Renee Christine Willett- Pediatrics
SMD2010 Joshua Aaron Copeland- Internal Medicine
SMD2009 Tracy Lynn Ivy- Pediatrics
SMD2009 Gregory Patrick Weaver- Pediatrics
SMD2009 Ashraf Mohamed Youssef- Orthopaedics
SMD2009 Sarah Leigh Smiddy Youssef- Pediatrics
SMD2008 Zehra Parveen Gaudiano- Medicine-Pediatrics
SMD2008 Mehrak Michael Marzban- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2007 Thuy Anh Ashley Nguyen- Anesthesiology
SMD2007 Jeffrey Eric Vergales- Pediatrics
SMD2004 Mark David Sawyer- Urology
SMD1999 Jin Soo Lim- Otolaryngology

OH, Cleveland, Case Western/MetroHealth Med
SMD2010 Emily Hoover-Hamlin Gorman- Emergency Medicine

OH, Cleveland, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
SMD2013 Jennifer Elizabeth Peterson- Orthopaedics
SMD2010 Rupa Gopalan- Neurological Surgery
SMD2010 Olumuyiwa Tolulope Sowunmi- Internal Medicine
SMD2010 Jeh Brian Yung- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2007 Grant Kirton Hunter- Radiation Oncology
SMD2005 John Brian Klein- Urology
SMD2000 Samay Jain- Neurology
SMD1999 Bhupinder Singh- Internal Medicine
SMD1997 Unchu Ko- Internal Medicine
SMD1996 Damon Hayes Petty- Orthopaedics
SMD1996 Meliha Hassan Shah- Medicine-Preliminary

OH, Cleveland, Fairview Hospital-OH
SMD2014 Elizabeth Marie Belson- Family Practice

OH, Cleveland, Metrohealth Medical Center
SMD2002 Mark William Mossey- Emergency Medicine

OH, Cleveland, Univ Hosps of Cleveland
SMD2004 Roberta Mingyi Leu- Pediatrics

OH, Cleveland, University Hospitals of Cleveland
SMD2003 Brian Thomas Hardy- Orthopaedics
SMD2002 Sharad Goyal- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2002 Rajiv Sharma- Internal Medicine
SMD2001 Kenneth Joseph Monahan- Internal Medicine
SMD2001 Jason Matthew Morda- Internal Medicine
SMD2000 Kristi Renee Ross- Pediatrics
SMD1999 Ernest Frank Johnson- Internal Medicine
SMD1999 Alisa Louise Niksch- Pediatrics
SMD1997 Frederick Harvey Watkins- Plastic Surgery

OH, Columbus, Grant Medical Center
SMD1996 Catherine Joy Edmonds- Family Practice
SMD1996 Stephen Shawle Wehibe- Family Practice

OH, Columbus, Grant Medical Ctr
SMD2011 Max Hugo Saenz- Family Practice

OH, Columbus, Nationwide Childrens Hosp
SMD2010 Sean Carroll Rose- Pediatrics

OH, Columbus, Ohio State Univ College of Med
SMD2013 Christian Ray Francom- Otolaryngology
SMD2012 Christopher Lloyd Schumann- Internal Medicine
SMD2010 Sean Carroll Rose- Neurology-Child

OH, Columbus, Ohio State University College of Medicine
SMD2006 Christopher Kirk Lippincott- Internal Medicine
SMD2003 Minton Truitt Cooper- Orthopaedics
SMD2003 Michael Stanley Ingerski- Anesthesiology
SMD2001 Anna Katherine Corbin- Emergency Medicine

OH, Columbus, Ohio State University Medical Center
SMD1998 Hiwot B. Desta- Internal Medicine
SMD1996 Helen Jean MacMillan Malone- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD1996 Sean Ian William Malone- Internal Medicine
SMD1996 Naveen Reddy- General Surgery

OH, Dayton, Wright-Patterson AFB
SMD2007 Karen Elizabeth Bruner- Pediatrics

OH, Dayton, Wright-Patterson Medical Center
SMD2006 Laina Jo Eckard- Pediatrics
SMD2002 Eric Michael Sherman- Pediatrics

OH, Youngstown, Western Reserve Care System
SMD1998 Vernis Lowell Beverly- Medicine-Pediatrics