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Residency Placement


30 Records

OR, Portland, Oregon Health Sci Univ SOM
SMD2014 William Featherston Gilmore- Family Practice
SMD2014 Hunter Jameson Poarch- Family Practice
SMD2014 Whitney Warren Roper- Family Practice
SMD2011 Thomas Henry Nguyen Quattlebaum- Family Practice
SMD2010 Christopher Rule Faison- Family Practice
SMD2010 Tracy Michelle Rushing- Pediatrics
SMD2010 Kathryn Stansfield Sutton- Pediatrics
SMD2009 Jia-Wei Kevin Ko- Orthopaedics
SMD2009 Amy Jo Opilla- Anesthesiology
SMD2009 Estin Kee Yang- General Surgery
SMD2007 Joseph Ryan Thoits- Psychiatry
SMD2006 Jennifer Holt Edwards- Emergency Medicine
SMD2006 Robert Samuel Hopkins- Dermatology
SMD2005 Kate Mccarn- Otolaryngology
SMD2004 Sarah Elizabeth Dunham Bass- Internal Medicine
SMD2004 Barbara Diane Hettinger- Internal Medicine
SMD2004 Traske Mcneil Muir- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2004 Patrick Leight West- Emergency Medicine
SMD2003 David Charles Lieb- Internal Medicine
SMD2003 Hall Thomas McGee- Ophthalmology
SMD2003 Kerry Jill Robinson- Pediatrics
SMD2003 Emily Jean White- Family Practice
SMD2000 Jennifer Ellen Slickers- Family Practice
SMD1998 Ali Bahar- Internal Medicine
SMD1998 Anna Catherine Loomis- Family Practice
SMD1998 Addie Jitpapa Onsanit- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD1997 Andrew Hayward Bishop- Internal Medicine
SMD1996 William Edward Winter- Obstetrics and Gynecology

OR, Portland, Provident Portland Med Ctr
SMD2006 Robert Samuel Hopkins- Medicine-Preliminary

OR, Portland, St Vincent Hospital
SMD2003 Hall Thomas McGee- Medicine-Preliminary