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Residency Placement

Rhode Island

24 Records

RI, Providence, Brown Univ Program in Medicine
SMD2012 Elizabeth Virginia Connor- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2008 Valerie Ellen Gendron- Medicine-Preliminary

RI, Providence, Rhode Island Hosp/Brown Univ
SMD2013 Michelle Amy Beller- Pediatrics
SMD2013 Kathleen Marie Claus- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2013 Krisztina Moldovan- Neurological Surgery
SMD2010 David Byungjin Choi- Neurological Surgery
SMD2009 Elizabeth Dora Fox- General Surgery
SMD2008 Valerie Ellen Gendron- Neurology
SMD2007 Dominique Bernard Caovan- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2006 Lucy Marie Boyd- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2006 Douglas F Hartman- Emergency Medicine
SMD2006 Lauren Brodsky Hartman- Pediatrics
SMD2004 Shahriar Haji-momenian- Radiation Oncology
SMD2002 Robert Harold Andler- Pediatrics
SMD2001 Joshua Michael Cott- Emergency Medicine
SMD2001 Amy Catherine Ney- Dermatology
SMD2001 Craig Mitchell Zaidman- Pediatrics
SMD1999 Mark David Niehaus- Medicine-Pediatrics
SMD1997 Alexander Paris Robertson- Orthopaedics
SMD1996 Jason Robert Haldas- Medicine-Primary Care

RI, Providence, Roger Williams Med Ctr-RI
SMD2011 Armando Sarmiento Herradura- Medicine-Preliminary

RI, Providence, Roger Williams Medical Center
SMD2007 Heidi Flora Anderson- Dermatology
SMD1997 Lydia Mattie Evora Jones- Dermatology

RI, Providence, Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island
SMD1996 George Bradford Cabe- Obstetrics and Gynecology