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Residency Placement


28 Records

UT, Provo, Utah Valley Family Practice Center
SMD2002 Vernon Lars Christenson- Family Practice
SMD1999 Marc Allan Penrod- Family Practice
SMD1998 Peter Alan de Schweinitz- Family Practice

UT, Provo, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
SMD1996 Gary Files Graham- Family Practice

UT, Salt Lake City, McKay-Dee Hospital Center
SMD2001 Matthew Gregg Taylor- Family Practice

UT, Salt Lake City, Univ of Utah SOM
SMD2012 Stephen Craig Merrell- Family Practice
SMD2012 Jeffrey Michael Wilson- Internal Medicine
SMD2011 Aaron Wise McCoy- Pediatrics
SMD2010 Justin Michael Haller- Orthopaedics
SMD2008 Christopher Cooley Brown- Internal Medicine
SMD2008 Nathan Allen Ostheimer- Pediatrics
SMD2007 Jonathan Newman- Internal Medicine
SMD2007 Garrett Reed Poole- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2005 Keri Louise Gibson- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2005 Christopher Owen Harker- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2005 Casey Ray Owens- Internal Medicine
SMD2005 Catherine Marie Straub- General Surgery
SMD2003 Gregory Lawrence Livers- General Surgery
SMD2002 Aga Julia Lewelt- Physical Med & Rehab
SMD2002 Matthew Louis Moench- Family Practice
SMD2000 Patricia Steigerwald-Mullen- Pediatrics
SMD1998 Adam Stephen Arthur- Neurological Surgery
SMD1998 Deborah Urich Frank- Pediatrics
SMD1998 Virginia Anna Klair- Ophthalmology
SMD1998 Alison Craib Rentz- Pediatrics
SMD1998 Jeffrey Justin Rentz- General Surgery
SMD1998 Todd Charles Seymour- Anesthesiology
SMD1997 Scott Willis Soleau- Neurological Surgery