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Residency Placement


643 Records

VA, Charlottesville, Univ of Virginia SOM
SMD2014 Clayton Elliott Alonso- Radiation Oncology
SMD2014 Andrew Julio Barros- Internal Medicine
SMD2014 Sareena Pabla Brown- Family Practice
SMD2014 Ching-Jen Chen- Neurological Surgery
SMD2014 Matthew Benedict Clements- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2014 Matthew Benedict Clements- Urology
SMD2014 Benjamin Neal Contrella- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2014 Nicole Dominique Cresce- Dermatology
SMD2014 Mark Edward Etter- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2014 Mark Edward Etter- Anesthesiology
SMD2014 Chelsea Elizabeth Gottlieb- Pathology
SMD2014 Stephanie Morton Hartman- Pediatrics
SMD2014 Taryn Elyse Hassinger- General Surgery
SMD2014 Pooja Mehra- Internal Medicine
SMD2014 Peter William Murphy- Family Practice
SMD2014 Eric Cameron Ness- Anesthesiology
SMD2014 Doan-Thu Truong Nguyen- Psychiatry
SMD2014 Samir Sudhir Panvelker- Internal Medicine
SMD2014 Matthew Sean Peach- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2014 Matthew Sean Peach- Radiation Oncology
SMD2014 Hakan Cem Pehlivan- Orthopaedics
SMD2014 Robert Ellsworth Reed- Otolaryngology
SMD2014 Lindsay Anne Regali- Anesthesiology
SMD2014 Stephen Samuel Schoeff- Otolaryngology
SMD2014 Emily Alyce Sloan- Pathology
SMD2014 Meredith Champion Thompson- Emergency Medicine
SMD2014 Sean Allan Yemen- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2013 Aparna Radhakisan Baheti- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2013 Adam Brandon Blechman- Dermatology
SMD2013 Martin Vander Burks- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2013 Brett Logan Castrodale- Family Practice
SMD2013 Cody Lamar Evans- Orthopaedics
SMD2013 Ahmad Haji Morshedi Fashandi- Orthopaedics
SMD2013 David Matthew Finkler- Pediatrics
SMD2013 Timothy Collins Huber- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2013 Robert James Hutchinson Johnston- Psychiatry
SMD2013 Nicole Crystal Kelleher- Physical Med & Rehab
SMD2013 Nicole Yvonne Kurtzeborn- Anesthesiology
SMD2013 Sarah Keenan Larkin- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2013 Brian Henry Mahon- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2013 Patrick O'Brien McGarey- Otolaryngology
SMD2013 Alex David Michaels- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2013 James Tyler Mills- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2013 James Tyler Mills- Urology
SMD2013 Maria Elena Moreno- Psychiatry
SMD2013 Richard Alden Murray- Anesthesiology
SMD2013 Michael Ryan Patrizio- Internal Medicine
SMD2013 Arthur Jacob Pesch- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2013 Arthur Jacob Pesch- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2013 Thomas Landis Ratchford- Pediatrics
SMD2013 Bryan Christopher Thorne- Pediatrics
SMD2013 Thomas Jack Welch- Internal Medicine
SMD2013 Mary Saprito Whittemore- Family Practice
SMD2013 Scott Patrick Williams- Family Practice
SMD2013 Anna Barklie Zimmerman- General Surgery
SMD2012 Diane Leigh Paz Barros- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD2012 Sunny Sue Chiao- Anesthesiology
SMD2012 Stephanie Elizabeth Cooper- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2012 Andrew Richard Crichlow- Anesthesiology
SMD2012 Lee Matthew Cunningham- Emergency Medicine
SMD2012 Emily Kate Cushnie- Orthopaedics
SMD2012 Emily Ashley Downs- Surgery-Thoracic
SMD2012 Donald Aric Elmer- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2012 George Franklin Glass- Emergency Medicine
SMD2012 John Kinnear McConnell- Internal Medicine
SMD2012 James Hieu Nguyen- Neurological Surgery
SMD2012 Nathan Charles Poiro- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2012 Kathleen Halley Pridgen- Family Practice
SMD2012 Regan Howard Royer- Physical Med & Rehab
SMD2012 George Richard Rueb- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2012 Luriel Ignacio Smith-Harrison- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2012 Luriel Ignacio Smith-Harrison- Urology
SMD2012 Jeffrey Michael Sturek- Internal Medicine
SMD2012 Thaddée Halewyn Valdelièvre- Anesthesiology
SMD2012 Karen Marie Wheeler- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2012 Karen Marie Wheeler- Urology
SMD2011 Bann Al-Shammaa- Pediatrics
SMD2011 Megan Elizabeth Barry- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2011 Megan Elizabeth Barry- Dermatology
SMD2011 Peter Robert Caruana- Internal Medicine
SMD2011 Jennifer Anne Davila-Aponte- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2011 Jennifer Anne Davila-Aponte- Urology
SMD2011 Lauren Kingsley Dunn- Anesthesiology
SMD2011 Robert Lorenza Green- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD2011 Kasandra Rae Hanna- Plastic Surgery
SMD2011 Anjali Anil Joshi- Internal Medicine
SMD2011 Jessica Lee Scriver- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2011 Daniel Patrick Sheeran- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2011 Brynne Archer Sullivan- Pediatrics
SMD2011 Kevin George Sullivan- Emergency Medicine
SMD2011 Aaron Thomas Trimble- Internal Medicine
SMD2011 Marco Antonio Ugas- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2011 Marco Antonio Ugas- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2011 Cynthia Elizabeth Wagner- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2011 Cynthia Elizabeth Wagner- Thoracic Surgery
SMD2011 Kenan Whitaker Yount- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2011 Kenan Whitaker Yount- Thoracic Surgery
SMD2010 Rebecca Elaine Cagnina- Internal Medicine
SMD2010 Michael Wilder Compton- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2010 Rachel Anne Hallmark- Physical Med & Rehab
SMD2010 Thomas Ryan Hartka- Emergency Medicine
SMD2010 Zsofia Varga Hole- Neurology
SMD2010 Jason Chian Huang- Internal Medicine
SMD2010 Matthew Aaron Hubbard- Otolaryngology
SMD2010 Patrick Evan Jackson- Internal Medicine
SMD2010 Samuel Scott Jett- Anesthesiology
SMD2010 Ali Kazemi- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2010 Tri Minh Le- Internal Medicine
SMD2010 Allison Jeanne Lippert- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2010 Allison Jeanne Lippert- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2010 Adam Alexander Martin- Dermatology
SMD2010 Adam Alexander Martin- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2010 Berkeley Blanchard Martin- Physical Med & Rehab
SMD2010 Susan Wangari Munga- Anesthesiology
SMD2010 Peter Smithwick Oliver- Psychiatry
SMD2010 Carter McAllen Peatross- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2010 Austin Windsor Reynolds- Emergency Medicine
SMD2010 Anne Colgrove Robertson- Pediatrics
SMD2010 Reza Salajegheh- Anesthesiology
SMD2010 Cara Marie Skraban- Pediatrics
SMD2010 Juli-Anne Cantwell Wade- Pediatrics
SMD2009 William Starr Cox- Anesthesiology
SMD2009 Niloy Dasgupta- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2009 Brian Bishop Hughley- Otolaryngology
SMD2009 Anjan Pavani Kaushik- Orthopaedics
SMD2009 Brooke Schildwachter Kilfoil- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2009 Jessica Lynn Kross- Pediatrics
SMD2009 Cory Daniel Maxwell- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2009 Kasey Young Morrison- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2009 Kasey Young Morrison- Urology
SMD2009 Bina Suryakant Patel- Ophthalmology
SMD2009 Tarik Shaheen- Psychiatry
SMD2009 Russell Parker Slayton- Family Practice
SMD2009 Mairin Margaret Burke Smith- Emergency Medicine
SMD2009 Benjamin Lee Wiseman- Psychiatry
SMD2008 Christopher John Arnold- Internal Medicine
SMD2008 Daniel Allen Barker- Otolaryngology
SMD2008 Micaela Tegan Chatman- Neurology
SMD2008 Peter Nelson Dean- Pediatrics
SMD2008 Paul Allen DiCamillo- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2008 Alison Cole Hessberg- Anesthesiology
SMD2008 MacKenzi Nicole Hillard- Pediatrics
SMD2008 Thomas Christian Keller- Orthopaedics
SMD2008 Stephen Daesup Lee- Emergency Medicine
SMD2008 Diana Dimple Lobo- Anesthesiology
SMD2008 Megan Lisa Madaras- Internal Medicine
SMD2008 Richard William McClain- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2008 Ryan Patrick McWey- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2008 Allyson Janice Anic Morman- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2008 Allyson Janice Anic Morman- Anesthesiology
SMD2008 Tam Nhu Nguyen- Otolaryngology
SMD2008 Amani Dale Politano- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2008 Kelli Anne Reardon- Radiation Oncology
SMD2008 Kari Lassen Ring- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2008 Jesse Brian Seamon- Orthopaedics
SMD2008 Gabriel Brett Spring- Family Practice
SMD2008 Bezawit Dejene Tekola- Internal Medicine
SMD2008 Mary Kathryn Wells- Emergency Medicine
SMD2008 Kurt Siegfried Wenk- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2007 Lealani Mae Yanez Acosta- Neurology
SMD2007 Joseph George Baltz- Internal Medicine
SMD2007 John Fredrick Bell- Internal Medicine
SMD2007 Elizabeth Ann Brantley- Pediatrics
SMD2007 Shannon Elynn Brim- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2007 Bridget Marie Bryer Groff- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2007 Bridget Marie Bryer Groff- Dermatology
SMD2007 Michael Wayne Cruise- Pathology
SMD2007 Laurie Ann Diehl- Psychiatry
SMD2007 Jacqueline Morneau Dovgalyuk- Emergency Medicine
SMD2007 Tabor Elisabeth Flickinger- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD2007 Sonia Gosain- Internal Medicine
SMD2007 Sung Hyuk Im- Anesthesiology
SMD2007 Warren Byars Kirby- Physical Med & Rehab
SMD2007 Courtney Kowalczyk- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2007 Sarah Reynolds Nassau- Pathology
SMD2007 Kathryn Elizabeth Barker Nelson- Pediatrics
SMD2007 Anna Marie Parker- General Surgery
SMD2007 Clinton Scott Pease- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2007 Aisha Anjum Qazi- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2007 Jk John Rasamny- Otolaryngology
SMD2007 Jorge Rodolfo Rivera- Internal Medicine
SMD2007 John Anthony Scanelli- Orthopaedics
SMD2007 Justin Bracewell Smith- Psychiatry
SMD2007 Ryan Patrick Smith- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2007 Ryan Patrick Smith- Urology
SMD2007 Dirk Patrick Stanley- Pathology
SMD2007 Steven Patrick Tropello- Emergency Medicine
SMD2007 Brian Michael Trotta- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2007 Kofi Besebro Vandyck- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2007 Dustin Matthew Walters- General Surgery
SMD2007 Lauren Blythe Ferguson Youell- Pediatrics
SMD2006 Sara Abdollahzadeh- General Surgery
SMD2006 Scott Richard Beach- Psychiatry
SMD2006 Mary Margare Bivens- Dermatology
SMD2006 Amy Suzanne Burns- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2006 Amy Suzanne Burns- Urology
SMD2006 Lien Phan Dame- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD2006 Tara Ann Friedel- Pediatrics
SMD2006 Tara E Glennon- Family Practice
SMD2006 Kathryn McGlynn Goins- Anesthesiology
SMD2006 Laura Rosalyn Goldhar- Psychiatry
SMD2006 Matthew Wampler Huffman- Internal Medicine
SMD2006 Vickie Young Jo- Pathology
SMD2006 Anita Kohli- Internal Medicine
SMD2006 Carly Ellen Kreps- Physical Med & Rehab
SMD2006 Tovia Elizabeth Martirosian- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2006 James Austin McGowan- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2006 Lindsey Rose Neal- Family Practice
SMD2006 Katherine McGeary Schrecengost- Pediatrics
SMD2006 Randall Lyndon Woodford- Pathology
SMD2005 Claire K Akin- Family Practice
SMD2005 Lauren Elizabeth Banas- Pediatrics
SMD2005 Matthew J Barrett- Neurology
SMD2005 Hem Lata Bhardwaj- Internal Medicine
SMD2005 Shivam Amrut Champaneri- Internal Medicine
SMD2005 Michael Scott Cicchetti- Physical Med & Rehab
SMD2005 Vu Hong Duong- Internal Medicine
SMD2005 Scott Alan Eisenhuth- Orthopaedics
SMD2005 Scott Alan Eisenhuth- Pediatrics
SMD2005 David Justin Frantz- Internal Medicine
SMD2005 Matthew Dean Goins- Anesthesiology
SMD2005 Adam Steven Helms- Internal Medicine
SMD2005 Krista Jean Henrickson- Anesthesiology
SMD2005 Elizabeth Bradley Johnson- Neurology
SMD2005 Cheryl Marie Lambruschi- Anesthesiology
SMD2005 Bonmyong Bora Lee- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2005 Shen-ying Richard Ma- Orthopaedics
SMD2005 Amy Phillips McElroy- Family Practice
SMD2005 Brian Eric Munro- Orthopaedics
SMD2005 Peter M Pollak- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2005 Stephanie Ann Scheidt- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2005 Christine Marie Shugart- Family Practice
SMD2005 Samuel A Taylor- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2005 Samuel A Taylor- Neurology
SMD2005 Sunil Tholpady- Plastic Surgery
SMD2005 Stephen David Turner- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD2005 Patrick Stanford Warren- General Surgery
SMD2005 Brook Elizabeth Wharton- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2004 Madeline Mei Adams- Internal Medicine
SMD2004 Brady West Allen- Emergency Medicine
SMD2004 Brian Chipman Belyea- Pediatrics
SMD2004 Paris Desoto Butler- General Surgery
SMD2004 John Jared Christophel- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2004 John Jared Christophel- Otolaryngology
SMD2004 Erik Diaz- Anesthesiology
SMD2004 Luz Maria Fernandez- Family Practice
SMD2004 Aaron Michael Freilich- Orthopaedics
SMD2004 Farnaz Milani Gazoni- Anesthesiology
SMD2004 Marsha Lee Haley- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2004 Joshua David Hall- Internal Medicine
SMD2004 Christopher Pattrin Ho- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2004 Laura Conklin Howard- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD2004 Yun Hu- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2004 Scott James Iwashyna- Pediatrics
SMD2004 Jennifer Leigh Kirby- Internal Medicine
SMD2004 Jasmin Lara McGinty- Orthopaedics
SMD2004 Cara Christina Norman-Heuser- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2004 Matthew James O'Connor- Pediatrics
SMD2004 Christopher Michael Sharrow- Anesthesiology
SMD2004 David Charles Shonka- Otolaryngology
SMD2004 David Charles Shonka- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2004 Guillermo Eduardo Solorzano- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2004 Rourke McQuire Stay- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2004 James Radford Stone- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2004 James Radford Stone- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2004 Amita Sudhir- Emergency Medicine
SMD2004 John Stuart Tiedeman- Anesthesiology
SMD2004 Edward Gilbert Walsh- Emergency Medicine
SMD2004 Kenneth Trevor Wilkes- Anesthesiology
SMD2004 Rebecca Lynn Youkey- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2003 Megan Kathleen Cassidy- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2003 Sarah Slater Coleman- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2003 Sarah Slater Coleman- Urology
SMD2003 Amalie Shaffner Derdeyn- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2003 Amalie Shaffner Derdeyn- Dermatology
SMD2003 Mark Shepherd Dixon- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2003 Kara Lee Duncan- Pathology
SMD2003 Heidi-Marie Alexandra Farinholt- General Surgery
SMD2003 Robert Allen Farrar- Pathology
SMD2003 Leo Mabuchi Gazoni- General Surgery
SMD2003 Katherine Porter Geer- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD2003 David Kojo Hamilton- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2003 David Kojo Hamilton- Neurological Surgery
SMD2003 Anne Dinwiddie Hawk- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2003 Daniel Ewell Hendricks- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2003 Vincent Brendan Herlihy- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2003 Korin Beth Hudson- Emergency Medicine
SMD2003 Sergey Lev Joffe- Internal Medicine
SMD2003 Semret Tadesse Mebrahtu- Internal Medicine
SMD2003 Susan Apperson Miller- Physical Med & Rehab
SMD2003 Jason Anthony Oliviero- Orthopaedics
SMD2003 Roshni Arvind Patel- Pediatrics
SMD2003 Nicholas Jeffrey Procaccini- Internal Medicine
SMD2003 Laura Melissa Proud- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2003 Nina Wister Ross- Family Practice
SMD2003 Philip William Smith- General Surgery
SMD2003 Mary Margaret Stoeckle- Pediatrics
SMD2003 Marsha Lynn Taylor- Family Practice
SMD2003 Amy Marisa West- Internal Medicine
SMD2003 Margaret Conover Wolf- Neurology
SMD2003 Alex Mark Wurm- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2002 Shawn Arthur Birchenough- Plastic Surgery
SMD2002 Carol Anne Boersma- Pediatrics
SMD2002 Shelly Rae Carlson- Family Practice
SMD2002 Andrew Edward Darby- Internal Medicine
SMD2002 Jeffrey Dean Ferguson- Emergency Medicine
SMD2002 Karyn Elizabeth Frye- Pediatrics
SMD2002 John Raymond Gaughen- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2002 James Hunter Groninger- Internal Medicine
SMD2002 Mark Anthony Lepsch- Family Practice
SMD2002 Charles Xiaoming Lin- Anesthesiology
SMD2002 Sipong Greg Prakalapakorn- Anesthesiology
SMD2002 Antonio Miguel Ramirez- Anesthesiology
SMD2002 Davis Alvin Romney- Radiation Oncology
SMD2002 Michael Paul Somers- Emergency Medicine
SMD2002 Jennifer Melissa Visger- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2002 Jennifer Lihung Wang- Internal Medicine
SMD2001 Christine Michele Burt- Pediatrics
SMD2001 Bruce Christian Carter- Ophthalmology
SMD2001 Christopher Donovan Cook- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2001 Jason Michael Davis- Anesthesiology
SMD2001 Jodi Michelle Eisner- Dermatology
SMD2001 Aalya Mahreen Hassan- Internal Medicine
SMD2001 Kimberly Nadine Jones- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2001 Mark William Kringlen- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2001 Brian McLane Leo- Orthopaedics
SMD2001 Bradley Bowker Manning- Psychiatry
SMD2001 Lee Link Manning- Anesthesiology
SMD2001 Timothy Edward McLaughlin- Family Practice
SMD2001 Grant McCann Mussman- Pediatrics
SMD2001 Ashok R Parameswaran- Psychiatry
SMD2001 Ashesh Hemant Patel- Internal Medicine
SMD2001 Seth Philip Robinson- Internal Medicine
SMD2001 Alison Roman Saalwachter- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2001 Stephen Palmer Schmitz- Family Practice
SMD2001 Ashley Blake Shilling- Anesthesiology
SMD2001 Ashby Robert Trundle- Pediatrics
SMD2001 David Robinson Vaughn- Anesthesiology
SMD2001 Luke Lusi Yao- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2000 Morry DuVall Brown- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2000 Gregory Allen Connell- Anesthesiology
SMD2000 Daniel Edward Couture- Neurological Surg-Prelim
SMD2000 Christopher Douglas Dudro- Pediatrics
SMD2000 Ryan Stephen Fajardo- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2000 Lynn Darby Fogarty- Pediatrics
SMD2000 Kimberly Meyers Galgano- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2000 Peter Slagle Ham- Family Practice
SMD2000 Molly Goodwin Hardie- Pediatrics
SMD2000 Robert Thomas Howard- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2000 Matthew Ryan Hyde- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2000 Caroline Seungyoon Kim- Family Practice
SMD2000 Jennifer Erin Bolling Mullins- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2000 Amy Ruth Payne- Dermatology
SMD2000 Philip Eugene Zapanta- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD1999 Clavio Mario Ascari- Anesthesiology
SMD1999 Alexander Beckers Baer- Emergency Medicine
SMD1999 Anna Kathryn Blackmon- Internal Medicine
SMD1999 Lisa Marie Christianson- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD1999 Laura Dziedzic Cook- Ophthalmology
SMD1999 Adam Christopher Crowl- Orthopaedics
SMD1999 Brian Keith Cubbage- Family Practice
SMD1999 Hakan Akat Dagli- Family Practice
SMD1999 David Gregory Didden- Family Practice
SMD1999 Caroline Jean Kim- Pediatrics
SMD1999 Jeffrey John Laurent- Neurological Surgery
SMD1999 Margaret Elizabeth Miller- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD1999 James Russell Mize- Pathology
SMD1999 Alan Vaden Padgett- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD1999 James Samuel Pope- Internal Medicine
SMD1999 Heather Roberts Quillian- Pediatrics
SMD1999 Warren Creel Quillian- Family Practice
SMD1999 Heather Ann Rhyne- Anesthesiology
SMD1999 Brendon Matthew Stiles- General Surgery
SMD1999 William McKinley Thompson- Ophthalmology
SMD1999 Truc Thi Thanh Trinh- Internal Medicine
SMD1999 Tanyech Patricia Walford- Family Practice
SMD1999 Timothy Richard Williams- Internal Medicine
SMD1998 Stafford George Brown- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD1998 Gordon Margraf Bussard- General Surgery
SMD1998 Anikar Chhabra- Orthopaedics
SMD1998 Mary Ilene Forrest- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD1998 Martha Ann Hellems- Pediatrics
SMD1998 Brian Andrew Kaplan- Otolaryngology
SMD1998 Jane Holland McBryde- Internal Medicine
SMD1998 Brooke Elizabeth McMinn- Internal Medicine
SMD1998 Julia Konerding Padgett- Dermatology
SMD1998 Aaron Butch Parker- Anesthesiology
SMD1998 Mark Alexander Schleupner- Internal Medicine
SMD1998 Marcus Sidney Shaker- Pediatrics
SMD1998 Jason Patrick Sheehan- Neurological Surgery
SMD1998 Christopher Mark Smalley- Family Practice
SMD1997 Adrian Talat Baddar- Orthopaedics
SMD1997 Randal Stevan Blank- Anesthesiology
SMD1997 Andrea Ursulla Nixon Courtney- Family Practice
SMD1997 Lewis Puller Dabney- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD1997 Brian Thomas Easton- Family Practice
SMD1997 James Douglas Glass- Anesthesiology
SMD1997 Robin Denise LeGallo- Pathology
SMD1997 Richard Lones McColl- Medicine-Psychiatry
SMD1997 Todd Alan Milbrandt- Orthopaedics
SMD1997 Eric Dean Mininberg- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD1997 Nicole Fisher Parkerson- Pediatrics
SMD1997 Lisa Marie Glotzbach Sullivan- Anesthesiology
SMD1997 Robert Dahn Sullivan- Anesthesiology
SMD1997 Andrea Denise Tribastone- Family Practice
SMD1997 Jennifer Butler Wenger- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD1997 Mark Alan Wenger- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD1997 Marianne Gerard Zura- Pediatrics
SMD1996 Nigel Merriett Azer- Orthopaedics
SMD1996 Timothy James Bill- Plastic Surgery
SMD1996 Jennifer Leigh Hollar Domer- Pediatrics
SMD1996 Jay Christopher Fertile- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD1996 Anne Hedges Goodall- Psychiatry
SMD1996 Cleome Jane Harris-Evans- Pediatrics
SMD1996 Bethanne Hill- Medicine-Primary Care
SMD1996 John Anthony Jane- Neurological Surgery
SMD1996 Amir Anthony Jazaeri- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD1996 Joseph Scott Just- Emergency Medicine
SMD1996 Elizabeth Kathryn Kane- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD1996 Yannis Nicholas Kolettis- Ophthalmology
SMD1996 David Aaron Kovach- Anesthesiology
SMD1996 Nevin Sherman Kreisler- Anesthesiology
SMD1996 Elsa Kuo- Pathology
SMD1996 Scott David London- Otolaryngology
SMD1996 Lisa Kopec Madren- Internal Medicine
SMD1996 Krishna Mallik- Orthopaedics
SMD1996 Maria Cozzi Mascolo- Internal Medicine
SMD1996 Catherine Lapp McCarthy- Psychiatry
SMD1996 Michael Patrick Muro- Anesthesiology
SMD1996 Michael Harres Newberg- Internal Medicine
SMD1996 Vanessa Marie Shami- Internal Medicine
SMD1996 Jonas Michael Sheehan- Neurological Surgery
SMD1996 Caroline Shen- Medicine-Psychiatry
SMD1996 Francis Hao-Tso Shen- Orthopaedics

VA, Fairfax, Fairfax Family Practice Center
SMD2006 Audrey Jeongah Kim- Family Practice
SMD2005 Chevonne Tenille Salmon- Family Practice
SMD2004 Edward Josiah Lewis- Family Practice
SMD2002 Sandy Jo Robertson- Family Practice
SMD2001 David Wooyoung Lee- Family Practice
SMD2001 Angela Louise Stone- Family Practice
SMD2001 John Suk Youk- Family Practice
SMD1999 Joyce Janette Dornan- Family Practice
SMD1997 Ingrid Denise Johnson- Pediatrics
SMD1997 Sandy Shin-yu Lee- Pediatrics
SMD1997 Jinny Kathleen Yoo- Pediatrics
SMD1996 Alexander Headley Krist- Family Practice

VA, Falls Church, Inova Fairfax Hospital
SMD2014 Cecilia Natalia Apolo Esteban- General Surgery
SMD2000 Clarissa LaWanda Parrish- Pediatrics

VA, Fort Belvoir, DeWitt Army Community Hosp
SMD2006 Shari Lynn Gross- Family Practice

VA, Ft Belvoir, DeWitt Army Medical Ctr (NCC)
SMD2011 Jeffrey Scott Genda- Family Practice

VA, Ft Belvoir, NCC-DeWitt Army Community Hosp
SMD2011 Joseph Chun-fu Huang- Family Practice
SMD2011 Jonathan Jun-Kei Keung- Medicine-Preliminary

VA, Lynchburg, Lynchburg Family Practice
SMD2010 Terence Man Hon Chu- Family Practice

VA, Lynchburg, Lynchburg Family Practice Residency
SMD2006 Lori Ann Nelson-Madison- Family Practice
SMD2005 Julie A Suppa- Family Practice
SMD1999 William Henry Cheatwood- Family Practice
SMD1999 Gabrielle Kori Jackson- Family Practice
SMD1998 Murat Tahir Gezen- Family Practice
SMD1998 Tonya Hailes Wanko- Family Practice
SMD1997 Susan Dupuy Hundley- Family Practice
SMD1996 Kimberly Hurm Combs- Family Practice

VA, Newport News, Riverside Regional Medical Ctr
SMD2012 Eric Gavin Feinstein- Transitional
SMD2012 Nishant Anilkumar Patel- Transitional
SMD2011 Abhijeet Ravindranath Bhirud- Transitional
SMD2011 Paul Michael Bunch- Transitional
SMD2009 David Brandon Stone- Transitional
SMD2008 Raj Agarwal- Transitional
SMD2008 Ryan Patrick McWey- Transitional
SMD2007 Hung-lun John Hsia- Transitional
SMD2007 Warren Byars Kirby- Transitional
SMD2007 Robert Mark Knape- Transitional
SMD2006 Sarah Elizabeth Jones- Transitional
SMD2006 Sohini Majumdar- Family Practice
SMD2004 Matthew Charles McClelland- Transitional
SMD2004 Sarah Alyce Sutherland- Transitional
SMD2003 Shonna Jené Johnson- Family Practice
SMD1998 Gordon Walker Theisz- Family Practice
SMD1998 Kyle Wilson Young- Transitional
SMD1997 John Gordon Goddard- Family Practice
SMD1996 Jon Jacob Kaminer- Family Practice

VA, Norfolk, Eastern Virginia Medical Sch
SMD2014 Carl Johan Christian Bergman- Medicine-Geriatrics
SMD2014 Jason Brian Jennings- Emergency Medicine
SMD2014 Michelle Marie Knoll- Pediatrics
SMD2014 Jonathan Bum Lee- Pediatrics
SMD2013 Matthew Carl Bishop- Emergency Medicine
SMD2012 Matthew Hobson Jones- Emergency Medicine
SMD2009 Susan Michelle Lamb- Pediatrics
SMD2009 Peter George Volsky- Otolaryngology
SMD2008 Aisha Sophia Dharamsi- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2007 Rebecca Anna Brooks- Pediatrics
SMD2007 James Bryan Carmody- Pediatrics
SMD2007 Sara Naomi Tsuchitani- Emergency Medicine
SMD2006 Kate Noel Briddell- Pediatrics
SMD2006 Rebecca Lynn Carty- General Surgery
SMD2006 Sarah Elizabeth Jones- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2005 Adebunmi O Adeyiga- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2005 Michael Scott Cicchetti- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2005 Heather Lynn Crooks- Emergency Medicine
SMD2004 Christopher Pattrin Ho- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2004 Nylah Fatima Wasti- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2003 Alex Mark Wurm- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2002 Desalegn Yacob- Pediatrics
SMD1998 Kathryn Lyn Bridges Glass- Pediatrics
SMD1998 Lawrence Frederick Leslie- Emergency Medicine
SMD1998 Michael Edward Watts- Emergency Medicine
SMD1996 Kimberly Leann Cathey- Emergency Medicine
SMD1996 James Glenn Snyder- General Surgery
SMD1996 Charrell Anita Washington- Obstetrics and Gynecology

VA, Portsmouth, Eastern VA/Portsmouth Fam Med
SMD2013 Takisha Rochelle Robinson- Family Practice
SMD2004 Charles Genghis Line- Family Practice

VA, Portsmouth, Naval Medical Center
SMD2004 Jeffrey Stephen Alvis- General Surgery
SMD2002 Penelope Anne Goode- Transitional
SMD2002 Nelle Alexandria Linz- Internal Medicine
SMD2002 Kathy Diep Ngoc Tieu- Transitional
SMD1998 Jared Lee Antevil- General Surgery
SMD1997 Michael Jacob Yablonsky- Internal Medicine

VA, Portsmouth, Naval Medical Ctr Portsmouth
SMD2014 Samuel James Beck- Pediatrics

VA, Portsmouth, Portsmouth Naval Medical Ctr
SMD2013 Tighe Nicholas Marrone- Pediatrics
SMD2009 Timothy S. Frazier- Orthopaedics
SMD2004 Hunter Scott Stolldorf- Transitional
SMD2003 Erin Blaire Bissell- Transitional
SMD2003 David Ingram Bruner- General Surgery
SMD2003 Kevin Michael Groszkowski- Transitional
SMD2003 Shannon Michele VanderPas- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2003 Katherine Ann Wayman- Internal Medicine
SMD2000 Julie Simprini King- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2000 Kristin Renee Steuerle- Pediatrics
SMD2000 Brian Patrick Struyk- Transitional
SMD2000 Robin Michele Williams- General Surgery
SMD1999 Edward Lewis Thornton- Transitional
SMD1997 Sam Obi Wanko- Internal Medicine

VA, Richmond, Chippenham Medical Center
SMD1999 Christopher David Holloway- Family Practice
SMD1997 Robert Edward Mayfield- Family Practice
SMD1996 Joseph DeLacy Pinckney- Family Practice

VA, Richmond, Medical College of Virginia
SMD2005 Adebunmi O Adeyiga- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2005 Juliana Eileen Reeves- Ophthalmology
SMD2002 Rebecca Jill Harding- Psychiatry
SMD2002 Joseph Michael Karch- General Surgery
SMD2002 Dhiren Kumar- Internal Medicine
SMD2002 Hani Osama Mowafi- Emergency Medicine
SMD2001 Tamara Artelia Charity-Brown- Pediatrics
SMD2001 James Johnston Stone- General Surgery
SMD2000 Gretchen Lee Bruno- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2000 David Scott Chrzanowski- Otolaryngology
SMD2000 April Noel Furr- Emergency Medicine
SMD2000 Tarek Aref Hijaz- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2000 Ferdinand K Hui- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2000 Brett Carter Odum- Neurological Surgery
SMD2000 Mary Louise Sebastian- General Surgery
SMD2000 Erica LaRae Wynn- Pediatrics
SMD1999 Matthew Allen Bridges- Otolaryngology
SMD1999 Irving Johnson Hwang- Family Practice
SMD1999 Lilian Ruth Peake- Ophthalmology
SMD1999 Steven Neil Schechterman- Internal Medicine
SMD1999 Theodore Tsung-Yueng Wu- Ophthalmology
SMD1998 Neil Jason Zemmel- Plastic Surgery
SMD1997 Robbye Dana Burton- Family Practice
SMD1997 Jessica Dodge Hesford- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD1997 Ronald Henry Labuguen- Family Practice
SMD1997 Catherine Ann Matthews- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD1997 Vienne Karen Murray- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD1997 Lori Ann Trent- Pediatrics

VA, Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth Univ H S
SMD2014 Rondy Michael Lazaro- Physical Med & Rehab
SMD2014 Matthew Layne Mallory- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2013 Cristina Maria Armengol- Emergency Medicine
SMD2012 Hadi Bin Anwar- Pediatrics
SMD2012 Andrew Richard Crichlow- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2012 Gustavo Andres Elias- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2012 John Thomas McMurtry- Orthopaedics
SMD2012 Clarence Brian Toney- Orthopaedics
SMD2011 Christopher Brian Achilli- Internal Medicine
SMD2011 Siddharth Ajaybhai Saraiya- Radiation Oncology
SMD2011 Xi Bei Tian- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2010 Steven Edward Bishop- Internal Medicine
SMD2010 Tandi Jamila Mohammed- Anesthesiology
SMD2010 Jeremy Aaron Ross- Orthopaedics
SMD2009 Tina Eun Lee- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2009 Kimberly Dunbar Woods- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2008 Raj Agarwal- Dermatology
SMD2008 Dana Christine Berle- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2008 Michael Lane Deardeuff- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2008 Matthew David Orton- Radiation Oncology
SMD2008 Cara Ann Yannuzzi- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2008 Cara Ann Yannuzzi- Physical Med & Rehab
SMD2007 Teresa Randelle Camp- Emergency Medicine
SMD2007 Dominique Bernard Caovan- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2007 Jonathan Keith Mason- Pediatrics
SMD2006 Melissa Martinez Anastacio- General Surgery
SMD2006 Ashish Barman- Pathology
SMD2006 Brianna Michalosky Couch- Pediatrics
SMD2006 Naomi Dong- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2006 Michael Duggan- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2006 Ella Alexandra Popeliansky- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2006 Latonya Demetria Russell- Pediatrics
SMD2006 Ante Liesbeth Wind- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2006 Ante Liesbeth Wind- Urology
SMD2005 Caleb E Kroll- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2005 Diane Marie Semizian- Emergency Medicine
SMD2005 Elizabeth Ann Varghese- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2005 Niran Romesh Wijesooriya- Pediatrics
SMD2004 Satish Prakash Adawadkar- Anesthesiology
SMD2004 Lisa Cseh Edsall- Dermatology
SMD2004 Lisa Cseh Edsall- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2004 Mayuri V Lakdawala- Pediatrics
SMD2004 Maria Michelle Meussling- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2003 Mark Shepherd Dixon- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2003 Atul Kumar Gupta- Radiology-Diagnostic
SMD2003 Nancy Elizabeth Morefield- Pathology
SMD2003 Jason Michael Taylor- Anesthesiology

VA, Roanoke, Carilion Clinic
SMD2010 Corinne Nicole Locke- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2010 Jonathan Vinh Nguyen- Transitional
SMD2010 Meredith Kathleen Rogers- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2009 John Jing-wei Chen- Transitional
SMD2009 Rooshin Bhadrik Dalal- Transitional
SMD2007 Gaurav Telhan- Medicine-Preliminary

VA, Roanoke, Carilion Clinic-Virginia Tech
SMD2011 Siddharth Ajaybhai Saraiya- Medicine-Preliminary

VA, Roanoke, Carilion Health System
SMD2008 Christopher James Eller- Transitional
SMD2008 Matthew David Orton- Transitional
SMD2008 Kelli Anne Reardon- Transitional
SMD2008 Michael Anthony Reardon- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2007 Ross Howland Hanchett- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2007 Dwight Allen Holland- Transitional
SMD2007 Clinton Scott Pease- Transitional
SMD2007 Joseph Stuart Tims- Transitional
SMD2007 Brian Michael Trotta- Transitional
SMD2006 Spencer Norman Ashton- Transitional
SMD2006 Troy S Russon- Transitional
SMD2006 Michael Joseph Stone- Transitional
SMD2005 Christopher Owen Harker- Transitional
SMD2004 Kenneth Trevor Wilkes- Transitional
SMD2003 Meredith Leigh Diehl- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2003 Atul Kumar Gupta- Medicine-Preliminary
SMD2003 Daniel Ewell Hendricks- Transitional
SMD2002 John Thomas Hulvey- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2001 Catherine Gibson Rea- Family Practice
SMD2000 Christy Langlois Arthur- Family Practice
SMD2000 Angela Renee Stiltner- Family Practice
SMD1999 Michael Wesley Arthur- Family Practice
SMD1999 Katherine Anne Barton- General Surgery
SMD1999 Monica Lynn Gilbert- Family Practice
SMD1999 Scott Crawford Hippeard- Transitional
SMD1996 Donald Wayne Lee- Family Practice

VA, Roanoke-Salem, UVA Roanoke-Salem Program
SMD2007 Elizabeth Dorothy Kaufman- Medicine-Preliminary