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Residency Placement


31 Records

WA, Bremerton, Bremerton Naval Hospital
SMD1998 Jeffrey Bryan Walker- Family Practice

WA, Olympia, St Peter Hospital
SMD1996 Peter Charles Taylor- Family Practice

WA, Renton, Valley Medical Center
SMD1998 Cynthia Gail Richards- Family Practice

WA, Seattle, Univ of Washington SOM
SMD2013 Brandon Thomas Dickinson- Internal Medicine
SMD2012 Stephanie Elizabeth Cooper- Anesthesiology
SMD2011 Anthony Demetrios Julius- Neurology
SMD2010 Megan Elizabeth Lohr- Family Practice
SMD2010 Michael Gregory Semanik- Pediatrics
SMD2009 My Ngoc Tran- Pediatrics
SMD2008 Corey Michael Eymard- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2008 Melissa Jean Fullerton- Family Practice
SMD2008 Robert Francis Riley- Internal Medicine
SMD2007 Laura Sigismund Leddy- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2007 Laura Sigismund Leddy- Urology
SMD2007 Daniel Patrick Mulloy- General Surgery
SMD2006 Alison Corinne Welch- Physical Med & Rehab
SMD2004 William Glenn Callahan- Family Practice
SMD2004 Brooke Kaiulani Gerton- Neurology
SMD2004 Anne Hope Smith- Internal Medicine
SMD2004 Andrea Michele Taylor- Family Practice
SMD2003 Steven Lee Mattson- Anesthesiology
SMD2002 Mary Rose Anne Cunningham- Orthopaedics
SMD2002 Matthew James Shiveley- Anesthesiology
SMD1998 Catherine April Collett- Pediatrics
SMD1996 David Benjamin Musante- Neurological Surgery
SMD1996 Amy Kathrine Timmons- Medicine-Preliminary

WA, Seattle, Virginia Mason Med Ctr
SMD2006 Juliette Ann Humsi- Anesthesiology

WA, Tacoma, Madigan Army Medical Center
SMD2008 Kelly Elizabeth Beeken- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD2007 Michael Jason Hudson- Emergency Medicine
SMD2003 Sean Michael Demars- General Surgery
SMD1999 Joshua Stuart Hawley- Internal Medicine