Residency Placement


20 Records

WI, Madison, Univ of Wisconsin Hosp/Clinics
SMD2014 Mingxi Dennis Yu- Internal Medicine
SMD2013 Joshua Max Boguch- Psychiatry
SMD2013 Zhubin J Gahvari- Internal Medicine
SMD2012 Katerina Ancevski- Internal Medicine
SMD2012 Christina Marie Papageorge- General Surgery
SMD2009 Sahil Kuldip Kapur- Plastic Surgery
SMD2007 Crystal Michelle Dover- Surgery-Preliminary
SMD2007 Crystal Michelle Dover- Urology
SMD2006 Michael Joseph Weber- Family Practice
SMD2001 Toby Christopher Campbell- Internal Medicine
SMD1999 Elias Bruce Awad- Family Practice
SMD1998 Linda Kay Boock- Obstetrics and Gynecology
SMD1998 Helen Elizabeth Counts- Family Practice
SMD1997 James Nicholas Worledge- Psychiatry

WI, Milwaukee, Medical College of Wisconsin
SMD2012 JiaDe Yu- Dermatology
SMD2009 Jennifer Lynn Carnahan- Medicine-Geriatrics
SMD2009 Timothy Paul Craft- Orthopaedics
SMD2007 Emily Jane White- General Surgery
SMD1998 Suzanne Nicole Brixey- Pediatrics

WI, Waukesha, Waukesha Family Medicine
SMD2012 Yue Jing Chen- Family Practice