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ERAS will be available on the web starting in mid-April. Stay tuned for more information via the Vital Signs monthly updates.

ERAS-Specific Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation:

** Please ask your letter writers to HOLD your letter until you send them the Eras Letter Request Form, after you register in Eras.

Letter Request Procedure: For each letter author you create in Eras, select "Step 3". Select "Letter Request Form". This creates a physician/student specific Eras Letter ID number. Letter writers or assistants will upload them directly into Eras. You can email this form or submit by hard copy to the letter author.

Instructions for Uploading LOR's: https://www.aamc.org/students/medstudents/eras/

LOR Portal User Guide for letter writers new to this procedure.

*You are responsible for checking the status of which letters have been uploaded by faculty or received by Student Affairs. Once you have registered with Eras, you can track the status of your letters in the ADTS tab (Applicant Document Tracking System).


Make 1 copy of your Application Form and 1 copy of your Personal Statement(s). Keep a paper copy of your ERAS Application form and personal statement(s) in your own permanent career file.

Please turn in the following to the Office for Student Affairs. Your ERAS Token (which allows you to register with ERAS) cannot be released to you until we have received your photos.

  • 2 Wallet size color photos (3.5" x 2.5") These should be in INTERVIEW ATTIRE (with light color background)

AAMC has reached an agreement with the NBME regarding the cost for transmitting NBME or USMLE transcripts to programs. A flat fee will be charged applicants who request transmission of scores regardless of the number of transcripts they request (Step 2 is included in the fee if you want this score sent as well). IMPORTANT: Make sure USMLE transcripts have been assigned to each residency program you selected.

Add Residency Programs? If at a later date you want to apply to more programs, you can add them via the web. You should then pay by credit card (no checks accepted) to the AAMC for the extra amount.

Non-ERAS Programs

  • You will have to request application forms from these programs.
  • You will have to provide faculty with labels to mail their letters of reference to non-ERAS programs only.
  • You will have to request the NBME send copies of your USMLE scores to non-ERAS programs. (Phone no: 215/590-9723)

Problems/Questions? Visit the MyERAS web site or contact ERAS by e-mail at myeras@aamc.org

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