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March 2009 

Match Week - Here's How it Happens!

Email After Medical School - Courtesy of the UVa Alumni Association

Exit Interview with Financial Aid


Just a reminder, the Graduation Questionnaire is open and available to everyone. Completion is required for both parts by Match Day (March 19th) - this is your chance to make your voice heard and institute change. Surely after 4 years of medical school, you have some strong opinions about your education. Sharing your positive and negative experiences helps the School of Medicine stay in touch with students and evolve with the times. The Graduation Questionnaire will ask you for a token number and you should use: 83U6vP

Both parts due: Match Day!

MATCH WEEK - Here's How it Happens!

Monday, March 16th:

At 12 noon EST, the NRMP will make Applicant Status (matched/unmatched) information available via the web. Students must check the
NRMP web site for their Match status or should receive an email from the NRMP to the email account provided to them. Please do not call Student Affairs for your Match status. All information is available on the web.

Unmatched students should contact Ginny Atwell in Student Affairs immediately (434/924-5579).
Students who do not match will be asked to provide Student Affairs with the following:

checkboxupdated CV
checkboxupdated personal statement
checkboxupdated printout of your ERAS application
checkboxYour Cell Phone number(s) and Active Pager Number


PPD's will be administered Monday, March 16th-Friday, March 20th from 8:30-4:00 p.m at Student Health. Please make your own appointment. The PPD is a requirement for graduation.


Tuesday & Wednesday, March 17th-18th:

At 12 noon EST on Tuesday, information about unfilled positions will be posted to the NRMP web site. Unmatched applicants may begin contacting unfilled programs at that time. Students have Tuesday and Wednesday to contact programs.


Thursday, March 19th:

GQ (both parts) due today!

10:30 - 11:15, Class Meeting - Old Med School Auditorium

At 11:30, Match Day Ceremony starts - Old Med School Auditorium (there is room for a friend to join you).

Don't forget to bring your dollar! The winner could be YOU! It's UVA, so you know that there has got to be some kind of time honored and revered tradition to follow as part of this grand rite of passage. ALL current students (including military & early match) will receive a results envelope. Names will be called randomly, one at a time, and each student puts $1 in a box when they come forward to receive their envelope. The student whose name is called last gets the money in the box! What a great tradition!


Match Day 2009 Reception will be in the Mulholland Lounge following the Match ceremony. It is sponsored by the Medical Alumni Association. We encourage you to attend (spouses/significant others welcome).
Friday, March 20th and BEYOND:

Continue to Celebrate! Check your Email and USPS mail diligently for information from your residency program. Most of you will find verification of education and degree forms in the packet that you will receive from your residency program. These are time sensitive and it is generally not necessary to wait until you have completed everything else in your packet. Keep an eye out for these forms and bring to Alane Celli (Room 1163) in Student Affairs. If you are leaving town for an extended period of time, and especially if you are leaving the country, contact your program before you leave!




All graduating students who have had federal loans are scheduled to attend a mandatory Exit Interview during the week of March 16 – 20. If you have forgotten the date and time you have been scheduled, please contact the financial aid office. Call 924-0033 or email





Your UVa email account will not last forever.

However, the UVa Alumni Association's service, HoosOnline, will provide you with a lifetime forwarding email account. HoosOnline is a password protected and secure website for the purposes of personal interaction between fellow alumni and the University. Services include:

  • updating address info.
  • searching for contact info. on alumni friends
  • activating a lifetime forwarding email address
  • participating in UVa discussion groups
  • posting electronic announcements on the bulletin board
  • utilizing career search resources
  • and more

Why would you want an alumni email forwarding address?
A lifetime forwarding email address allows you to provide friends and family with one email address for lifetime, no matter how many times you move or change email accounts, as long as you update HoosOnline with your current information.

Take a look at the HoosOnline website for more information on how to sign up. The FAQ's do a nice job of explaining everything you need to know. Following graduation, please take time to sign up for this excellent service.

If you have other computing accounts (i.e. website) at the UVa you will need to tie up these loose ends. You can obtain information and assistance through ITC by:



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