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July 2009 

NRMP Agreement

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After you have registered with ERAS, you will register with the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP)
online in mid-August. You must use the same AAMC ID number that ERAS provides you.

COST: $50
You may pay by credit card or by "Telecheck"



ERAS tokens have arrived!

The ERAS tokens (passwords) are now available in the Office for Student Affairs in Room 1162 (Ginny Atwell's Office). You can start working on your application just as soon as you have your token. Residency programs can start viewing applications beginning September 1st.
You will be able to pick up your ERAS token from Student Affairs AFTER you have turned in your 2 required photos.
Click here
to go to the February issue of the Vital Signs to determine what types of programs are using the ERAS system this year and check out the Vocabulary section to familiarize yourself with what the differences are between types of programs (categorical vs. prelim etc.). Do thoroughly research programs before you apply to them via ERAS. You should find out application requirements and deadlines. Some programs have provided Web addresses and they are listed in MyERAS.

When picking up your token, please allow an extra minute or two to complete a few items related to graduation. YES, graduation!!!

bulletRead the instructions & guidelines for requesting faculty letters of recommendation
**The ERAS software will not allow you to send more than 4 letters of recommendation to one program. Most programs require 3 letters. Be sure to follow the specific instructions from each program - do NOT send them more than the requested number of letters**
bullet If you still have not done it, get your photographs now (COLOR wallet-size 3.5" x 2.5"). You will want to dress in interview attire!!! While Student Affairs only requires 2 photos (one for ERAS and one for the Yearbook folks), it is recommended that you get more so that you can attach one to your CV that you will take to your interviews. You may also scan and copy your photo to add to the top right corner of your CV, to submit when you interview.

Wal*Mart, Sears, K-Mart, Gitchell's, and F-Stop Photo (Seminole Square) all offer nice deals, but you are certainly welcome to use whomever you like. I cannot use digital photos or passport photos however. If anyone else has recommendations, please share them. Please remember to get a light background. It is very important for scanning purposes.
bulletLetters of recommendation are due in Student Affairs by 9-18-09
(your ERAS application is not considered complete until all of your letters of recommendation are received)



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Program Interview Reminders from Dr. Pearson

bulletSend for program information & application materials in July - August

NOTE* This applies only to programs that do not have online information or do not use ERAS/SF Match or AUA Match, (there are very few programs left that meet this criteria)

bulletCompleted applications & faculty letters of recommendation for all programs (ERAS & NON-ERAS) should be mailed/transmitted by September18th

bulletBe sure to call & cancel interviews if you cannot keep the appointment. This is very important for the School of Medicine

bulletPlan to send a thank you note expressing your appreciation after the interview





Remember to use & bookmark the Student Source web site!. Use it to access FREIDA, AAMC, NRMP, ERAS & other residency information. Just click on Residency Information on the home page.





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