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September 2010 


ERAS Update
Address List & Mailing Labels
Dean's Letter Review





ERAS is now officially open for submitting your application and for programs to download applications! The deadline for ERAS applications and letters of recommendation is September 17th. Students who have submitted applications are eligible to hear from programs via email - so check your email everyday! Additionally, once you certify and submit your application, you can monitor your letters of recommendation and program response through the ADTS tab (Automatic Document Tracking System) in MyERAS. You should submit your application whether your letters of recommendation are here or not. Do not wait for your LORs to arrive to submit. Assign the letters by name as if they were here anyway. You should NOT assign Dr. Pearson's MSPE letter. Submit your application and use that as an opportunity to remind your letter writer that you're still waiting on them. (Ex:"Student Affairs has asked me to let you know that my application has been submitted to residency programs. Thank you for agreeing to write a letter on my behalf. I did assign you as one of my letter writers to the programs. I look forward to it's receipt in Student Affairs.")


The vast majority of programs do not want you to include or attach your own CV; the CV that ERAS generates for you is all they need! If you are applying to any non-ERAS programs you will need to use your own CV. It is also a good idea to have your own CV with you when you travel for interviews.

Letters of Recommendation

Programs do not consider your application complete until all letters of recommendation are received (not including the MSPE). You can check the status of your application through MyERAS once you've submitted your application (ADTS) or in the ERAS Binder in room 3134 in Student Affairs.

Need to Make Changes?

If you need to make changes, please follow the directions in the ERAS 2011 online Applicant Manual which is available to download. Please remember that you cannot make changes to the Common Application Form itself after it is certified. You can update My Profile to add awards, programs etc..., and you can change your document assignments. You can add programs after you certify for an additional fee.


ERAS has made it possible for you to track your application with the Applicant Document Tracking System (ADTS). This is a WWW tracking system that provides applicants with up-to-date information on each document sent to each residency program. You will need your AAMC ID and password to access your information. This great service is available to all applicants after you have selected your programs, assigned your documents and photograph to the programs, certified AND submitted your application and (of course) paid for your application. Go to the ERAS web site to access this service. If you have any technical questions about the application or ADTS, please call the ERAS Helpline (202) 828-0413 or email


Student Affairs will provide electronic transcripts for all ERAS programs. You need not do anything! See below for transcript info. for non-ERAS programs.



Dean's letters
MSPE & Address List

You will be individually notified via email when your MSPE is ready for your review - this will start to take place in late September and continue into October. If you are out of town, you may designate in writing someone else to read your letter for you or read it to you over the telephone. You may designate anyone you wish: classmate, friend, family member, etc.... Student Affairs cannot copy, FAX or mail your letter to you. The MSPE may be reviewed in Student Affairs ONLY.

**All MSPE are transmitted on November 1st**

If you are applying to non-ERAS programs you are responsible for submitting an address list form/s and labels to Student Affairs to mail your MSPE. San Francisco Match applicants need only select programs from the SF distribution list. Please read the following guidelines carefully:


The Address list form (YES, there IS a form!) is available on the Student Affairs web site under Residency Information. Submit the form/s with the labels to Student Affairs by Friday, September 24th.


It is very important to use Avery labels (size #5160 or #5260). The less expensive labels do not adhere securely to the envelope and can delay the mailing of your MSPE to the correct address. Don't skimp, Student Affairs has some extra labels if you need them.


Print 2 sets of labels; place labels from 1 set on the address list form and submit the 2nd set to be used for mailing your MSPE. Student Affairs will provide envelopes and postage. Submit address list form/s and labels together with your name on every sheet. See instructions below for setting up labels (it's easy!) in Word.


VERY IMPORTANT: You must specify the total number of programs on your address list form/s and be sure there is a label for each one.


TRANSCRIPTS: For San Francisco Match and non-ERAS programs, request a transcript be sent from the UVA Registrar online.

If you NEED an official transcript before November 1st for yourself or for a program, you can order one from the UVA Registrar's Office online. And remember, non-official transcripts (for LOR writers or your advisor) can be printed out using SIS, which now lets you print out your entire medical school transcript at once.



Instructions for Setting Up & Printing Labels in Word:


From a blank, new document in Word , click on Tools, then choose Letters and Mailings (in Word 2000 or newer), then choose Envelopes and Labels. If you are using Word 97, you will simply skip the Letters and Mailings step and go straight to Envelopes and Labels.


There are two tabs (envelopes / labels) at the top of the window - click on labels


Then click on Options and select Avery label #5160 or #5260 from the "product number" window (check the Avery package for the # of your labels)


Click on OK


Click on New Document


Your document is now formatted for labels. If you do not see any gridlines on the screen, click on Table, and then Show Gridlines. Simply type your addresses within the label area! Do not change page document setup or formatting or it will not print correctly!


If you are not working on your own computer, save your address list document to a disk and take it to the Copy Center in Hospital West to have it printed (give them a few extra blank label sheets in case the printers jam). The Health Sciences Library will not allow label printing in the computer lab because they can cause the printers to jam.



If you have not registered with the NRMP yet, please do so quickly!
ALL graduating students MUST do this! Students will use the NRMP web site to see Match results (filled & unfilled positions) from previous Matches, to look up program codes, submit rank order lists and obtain Match results in March. While you will not need to use the NRMP immediately, there are many reports that must be filed on behalf of the Class of 2011 and if you are not all registered, the reports cannot be filed. Remember you need to have taken USMLE Step 2 CK and CS by December 30, 2010 to be eligible to participate in the NRMP (and to graduate in May 2011).


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