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Why a Biosketch?

So that we can prepare the best MSPE letter for you. To assist you in completing your Biosketch, AMCAS will be able to provide you with a copy of your application if you need it. Request your copy from amcasexceptions@aamc.org. Provide your name, current mailing address, date of birth, the entering class year to which you applied, your signature, and your AAMC user name and password.

Where and how to access the Biosketch form:

Download the form from the Student Source web site.

  • Go to: www.med-ed.virginia.edu
  • Click on Residency Info
  • Click on Vital Signs Newsletter, February '12 issue, Biosketch and follow the instructions to download to your hard drive.
  • Please submit a printed copy of this form (or email it as an attachment), to Ginny Atwell in Student Affairs.


**The Biosketch form and CV are due FOUR WEEKS before your scheduled appointment with Dean Pearson. Both should be submitted electronically and by hard copy. Personal statement is due 2 days before.

** If you are missing part of the information by the scheduled due date, (for example, your personal statement, please turn in all of the information that you do have.

** ERAS Tokens are available from Student Affairs in mid-July. ERAS is not accessible without your token. Your token is not available to you until you have turned in your 2 wallet-sized photographs; passport photos will not work and digital photos will not work. (NOTE: These photographs are for your ERAS application and your yearbook, and should therefore be "interview" attire).

If you need assistance, contact Ginny Atwell in Student Affairs (434/924-2133) or atwell@virginia.edu.




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