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October 2012 

ERAS Update
HOST Program - Student Registration Open
Interview Prep - Tips
Read the September '12 Update!


MSPE Update

MSPE (Dean's Letters) were mailed or transmitted via ERAS October 1st. If you want to send your MSPE to additional programs not using ERAS, submit the programs on an address list form (or you can add to your existing form) with 2 sets of labels. For ERAS programs, go to your MyEras workstation.

Any changes made to your letter were uploaded and replaced any previous versions. When programs select your letter, only the current version is available.









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bulletTarget Deadline was 9-15-12.

If you have not certified and submitted your ERAS application, please do this as soon as possible.

bulletUse the Applicant Document Tracking System (ADTS) on the ERAS web site to track the progress of your electronic applications.

bulletFor more information on all of the above please refer to the September '12 Vital Signs Update. If you have not read it, please do as there was a lot of information regarding ERAS deadlines, CV, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.


Class Histogram


In keeping with the AAMC guidelines, included with the MSPE is the histogram showing the Class of 2013 clerkship grade distribution (4-weeks or longer) independent of when the clerkship was taken. A copy of this class histogram is available in Student Affairs should you wish to see it.
  Go to the NBME web site   USMLE NEWS

The National Board of Medical Examiners has begun transmitting USMLE transcripts. Step 2 results should be transmitted a week after you receive your score in the mail. If you did not choose the "automatic transmit" option when you submitted your application, you will need to go to the "My Documents" section of ERAS, select that option now and then assign that document to the programs. There is usually a longer delay using this approach.

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69% of the class has fully registered with the NRMP at this point. If you are among those who have not, please take a minute and do this promptly! The deadline is November 30. There are several functions that must be completed by the Dean's Office, and these cannot be started until the entire fourth year class has registered or confirming that specific individuals are verified as not a graduate of the class of 2013. You will not need to utilize this site again until it's time to enter your Rank Order List. If you have not placed your AAMC ID in a very secure location, please take the time to do so now. It is preferable to have it someplace that you keep with you at all times, like a wallet or palm pilot.

If you are not going to enter the Match this year and are a member of the 4th year class please let us know so we can remove you from the official list of participants.

If you cannot take your USMLE Step 2 CK and CS exams by December 30th you will be classified as eligible for August graduation . Only students on the list for May graduation can participate in the NRMP match.

If you have misplaced your number contact the NRMP (202/828-0676).

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 HOST Program -- sponsored by Med Alumni

Consider staying with U.Va. medical alumni hosts during your residency interviews!



Atlanta, GA
Baltimore, MD
Birmingham, AL
Boston, MA
Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL
Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH
Dallas, TX
Durham, NC



Denver, CO
Houston, TX
Lexington, KY
Los Altos, CA
Nashville, TN
Portland, OR
Palo Alto, CA
Philadelphia, PA
Raleigh, NC

Richmond, VA
Rochester, MN
San Antonio, TX
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
St. Louis, MO
Tucson, AZ
Washington, DC
Winston-Salem, NC

**If you have an interview in a city not listed above, accommodations may be available. Complete the Student Registration Form and the Medical Alumni Office will contact you once an alumni host has been found.

For more information on the HOST Program and to register online, visit our website or contact Kristin Roth

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 Interview Prep - Tips

Review the April Vital Signs for helps tips about the interview.

Also check out the overview from the AMA which helps to prepare you for your residency interview. Practice with friends -- then you could ask your advisor if they would do a mock interview with you.

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