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Why a Biosketch?

So that we can prepare the best MSPE letter for you.

Where and how to access the Biosketch form:

Download the form from the Student Source web site.

  • Go to: www.med-ed.virginia.edu
  • Click on Residency Info
  • Click on Vital Signs Newsletter, March '14 issue, Biosketch and follow the instructions to download to your hard drive.

Please submit an electronic copy of this form to Ginny Atwell in Student Affairs.

**To help construct your biosketch or CV, you can request a free copy of your AMCAS application in writing or email: amcasexceptions@aamc.org or 202-828-0600. Provide your name, address, DOB, entering application year, signature, and AAMC ID and password. If you are a dual degree candidate, you must request this now, as they only keep applications for 5 years from May 2015.


**The Biosketch form is due March 17, 2014. It should be submitted electronically.

** ERAS Tokens are available from Student Affairs in mid-July. ERAS is not accessible without your token. Your token is not available to you until you have turned in your 2 wallet-sized (2 1/2" x 3 1/2") photographs; passport photos will not work and digital photos will not work. (NOTE: These photographs are for your ERAS application and your yearbook, and should therefore be professional "interview" attire).

If you need assistance, contact Ginny Atwell in Student Affairs (434/924-2133) or atwell@virginia.edu.




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