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Target Deadline Sept. 6

ERAS will officially open for submitting your application September 15th, and programs can download your application. The deadline for letters of recommendation is September 6th. Students who have submitted applications are eligible to hear from programs via email - so check your email everyday! Additionally, once you certify and submit your application, you can monitor your letters of recommendation and program response through the ADTS tab (Applicant Document Tracking System) in MyERAS. You should submit your application whether your letters of recommendation are here or not. Do not wait for your LORs to arrive to submit. You can only assign letters to programs once they have been uploaded. Submit your application and use that as an opportunity to remind your letter writer that you're still waiting on them. (Ex:"Student Affairs has asked me to let you know that my application has been submitted to residency programs. Thank you for agreeing to write a letter on my behalf. I look forward to it's receipt in Eras.")


The vast majority of programs do not want you to include or attach your own CV; the CV that ERAS generates for you is all they need! If you are applying to any non-ERAS programs you will need to use your own CV. It is also a good idea to have your own CV with you when you travel for interviews.

Letters of Recommendation

If your letters have NOT YET appeared uploaded in Eras ADTS, please go ahead and select the choice to email your letter writer to upload to Eras. Please refer to the August Vital Signs for the Eras preferred method for Letters of Recommendation. Programs do not consider your application complete until all letters of recommendation are received (not including the MSPE). Applicants will only be able to assign letters of recomendation once they have finalized the LoR Author in MyERAS, and the letter has been uploaded to the Eras Post Office. You can check the status of your application through MyERAS once you've submitted your application (ADTS).

If you do not have all of your LoRs (Letters of Reference) available in the ERAS PostOffice when you apply to programs you are still able to apply to programs and assign the letters when they are available in the ERAS PostOffice.

After applying to programs, when LoRs become available in the ERAS PostOffice, you will be able to assign those LoRs to programs if you have not already reached the maximum of 4 LoRs to any given program.

To assign letters after you have applied to programs you will need to follow these steps in your MyERAS application:

1. Go to the Programs tab
2. Under Frequently Accessed Links, click on the Programs applied to link
3. Select the program you wish to assign additional LoRs
4. On the Document Assignment page, select LoRs you wish to assign
5. Click Select to save your assignments

Repeat these steps for each program where you wish to assign additional LoRs.

Need to Make Changes?

If you need to make changes, please follow the directions in MyEras 2013 User Guide which is available to download. Please remember that you cannot make changes to the Common Application Form itself after it is certified. You can update My Profile to add awards, programs etc..., and you can change your document assignments. You can add programs after you certify for an additional fee.


ERAS has made it possible for you to track your application with the Applicant Document Tracking System (ADTS). This is a WWW tracking system that provides applicants with up-to-date information on each document sent to each residency program. You will need your AAMC ID and password to access your information. This great service is available to all applicants after you have selected your programs, assigned your documents and photograph to the programs, certified AND submitted your application and (of course) paid for your application. Go to the ERAS web site to access this service. If you have any technical questions about the application or ADTS, please call the ERAS Helpline (202) 828-0413 or email


Student Affairs will provide electronic transcripts for all ERAS programs. You need not do anything! See below for transcript info. for non-ERAS programs.




TRANSCRIPTS: For San Francisco Match and non-ERAS programs, request a transcript be sent from the UVA Registrar online.

If you NEED an official transcript before October 1st for yourself or for a program, you can order one from the UVA Registrar's Office online. And remember, non-official transcripts (for LOR writers or your advisor) can be printed out using SIS, which now lets you print out your entire medical school transcript at once.


Registration with the NRMP opens September 15th !
ALL graduating students MUST do this! Students will use the NRMP web site to see Match results (filled & unfilled positions), results from previous Matches, to look up program codes, submit rank order lists and obtain Match results in March. While you will not need to use the NRMP immediately, there are many reports that must be filed on behalf of the Class of 2014, and if you are not all registered, the reports cannot be filed. Remember you need to have taken USMLE Step 2 CK and CS by December 30, 2013 to be eligible to participate in the NRMP (and to graduate in May 2014).


Class Histogram


In keeping with the AAMC guidelines, included with the MSPE is the histogram showing the Class of 2014 clerkship grade distribution (4-weeks or longer) independent of when the clerkship was taken. A copy of this class histogram is available in Student Affairs should you wish to see it.



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