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December 2014 



It's Almost Time
to Enter Your Rank Order List!

Students will enter rank order lists using the NRMP's WebROLIC program, found on the NRMP web site. WebROLIC will be open from January 15th until 9:00 p.m. (EST) on February 25th. You must have your User Name and Password to access the program.

The NRMP has released a report entitled Impact of Length of Rank Order List on Match Results on their web site. Take a look!

Your Log in and Password are confidential. Please don't share them! Limiting the information provided on the NRMP web site to registered applicants will reduce the number of people looking for positions during "SOAP", the Supplemental Offer & Acceptance Program.This means that the unregistered people who otherwise would be looking for positions alongside registered applicants (that's YOU!) must wait until Match Day to begin their searches for positions. Please record your User Name and Password and keep them with you at all times. Student Affairs does not have any knowledge of your password; if you lose it, you will have to contact the NRMP 202-828-0676





AAMC Graduation Questionnaire

The 2015 Graduation Questionnaire will be available starting February 15. The questionnaire assesses more than 200 items covering a wide variety of topics. These include educational experiences, student support programs, and perceived potential problems. The GQ also gathers information on student debt and career plans. Data is analyzed for each school, compared across schools and then reported to each participating school. The reports are 100% anonymous. We need your feedback. The benefits and wisdom gained from your feedback have helped create numerous positive changes in such things as curriculum and policy. All students need to complete this evaluation before Match Day.






The results of the military matches should be announced in December, for most of you in the middle of the month. If you match to a military program, please provide the following information to Ginny Atwell in Student Affairs:


Program Name (ex: Brooke Army Medical Center; Fort Sam Houston - UT Program) AND the ACGME description of the program (ex: T:#9994800138 :Oph:#2404811001)
This number can be found through Freida if not given in your Match notification.


Specialty Name (ex: PGY 1 -Transitional : PGY 2 - Ophthalmology)


City and State (ex: San Antonio, TX)

It is very important to provide all of this information as you are included in the final match results reports following the NRMP Match in March and we update your records for you with the AAMC and licensing agencies. You will also need to withdraw from the NRMP; once notified of your Match information, Ginny Atwell will withdraw you electronically.





MATCH DAY / WEEK calendar


For a break down of the events (release dates, SOAP: Supplemental Offer & Acceptance Program, Match Day, etc.) during Match Week, March 16-20, see the November '14 Vital Signs Update.



HOST Program

Consider staying with U.Va. medical alumni hosts during your residency interviews!

Keep the UVA Medical Alumni Association’s Host Program in mind as you start to receive your residency interview schedule. The Host Program is a great opportunity for you to connect with UVA medical alumni and former housestaff who are offering such things as free accommodations, meals, transportation and information on residency programs while you are traveling to their hometown for your interviews. If you would like to take advantage of this program, complete the online Student Registration Form. If you have any questions about the program check out the FAQs page or contact Ashley Vevoda,







Cap & Gown Order - DUE DECEMBER 30!

Students must order their own cap & gown for graduation, for which the School of Medicine will pay.

Hoods have already been ordered in bulk for each student. Please go to the Jostens web site.

Do not sign-in. Select Graduation Caps & Gowns, then Student Medical School Rental.

You will receive email confirmation when your order is successful.




For students who need their diploma immediately following graduation as a credential to prove degree completion (in cases when a transcript or degree verification will not suffice), UREG has confirmed that it will have the ability to issue a notarized copy of the diploma to graduates on the Monday following Final Exercises – provided we can certify that they have completed all degree requirements. These will be produced and issued within their office located in Carruthers Hall.




1. In your SIS Student Center, select “Apply for Graduation” from the “Other Academic . . .” drop down box.
2. On the following page, “Select Program and Degree”, choose the Academic Program(s) from which you are graduating.
3. On the next page, choose the appropriate term and click “Continue”.
4. On the “Verify Graduation Data” page, review the degree information and the name that will appear on your diploma.
5. a. If both the degree information and your name are correct, click on the “Submit Application” button. You have now completed the SIS graduation application.
5. b. If you want an alternate name to appear on your diploma, click the “Edit” button to the right of the “Primary” and/or “Diploma” name. You will be taken to a Names page where you can add, edit, or delete a diploma name. Once you are satisfied with how your name will appear, select Apply for Graduation again to complete the application process (steps 1-5.a.).


The name you enter into SIS will be the name on your diploma at graduation. It must be your full legal name at the time of Graduation, since your Diploma is considered in the health profession as a licensing document.

Once you legally change your name, you will need to bring documentation (eg. copy of marriage license or driver’s license), to Alane Celli to make the change for our records.


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