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April 2016 


NRMP Agreement & Fee

ERAS Reminders

  Misc. Reminders

bulletCV is due:

April 15, 2016



CV is due April 15th. Send it to Kat via email as an attachment. Be sure to consult the instructions for use located in the March 2016 issue.




NRMP Agreement & Fee

The online applicant registration will open August 15th.

The fee will be $70 this year, so you can factor that into your financial planning.

The AAMC ID that you received for your AMCAS will be your ID for ERAS. You will create a new one for the NRMP. After you login and register with the two respective sites, they will confirm that this is your ID and that you will use it as your logon hence forth. Please make a note of it and your passwords and keep them someplace safe.

Important: The NRMP requires that each medical school certify participants as being potential graduates. You cannot participate in the Match unless you are certified. To be certified you need to take both USMLE Step 2 CK and CS by November 1st. If you haven't scheduled your exams please do so now!



ERAS tokens and MyERAS will be available to students in mid-late April.

bulletCarefully read instructions for requesting letters of recommendation.

bulletGet your photographs soon! ERAS OPENS in mid-late MAY!

bulletBe sure to make hard copies of your photo for your matched programs.

*** Gitchell's, K-Mart, and F-Stop Photo (Seminole Square) all offer nice deals, but you are certainly welcome to use whomever you like.
***Your photos will be your gateway to gaining access to the ERAS tokens once they arrive.**bulletERAS letters of recommendation are due by 09/02/16
bulletSubmit your ERAS application via the web by




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USMLE Step 1 & Step 2 (CK&CS) are required for graduation and to be certified to particpate in the NRMP match. You must take Step 2 (both steps) before November 1st. See the USMLE reporting site on report dates, and please note that they are consistently almost always accurate for the Report Closing Date.

To assist students with travel costs for the Clinical Skills Exam, the AAMC has negotiated a special rate for examinees at hotels within close proximity of each of the exam sites. Please note that some of the hotels have listed blackout dates during which the negotiated rates are not applicable.

Most of the hotels provide transportation for examinees to and from the airports/hotels (transportation reservations may be required in advance). The rates are applicable through November 1, 2016.
Please visit the web site for more information:

Use The Student Affairs Web Site: Remember to use & bookmark the "Student Source" web site!. Use it to access FREIDA, AAMC, NRMP, ERAS & other residency information. Just click on Residency Information on the home page.

Career Planning Web Site: The AAMC Career Planning Page now requires a login and password to utilize their site. Some of you have already entered the site, those who have not will need a password. It has been assigned by the AAMC.



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